Tax News 2011 May

taxGas tax revenues up in Massachusetts
taxWould Consumption Tax Add Value for Corporations?
taxSenate votes 20-19 on broad Michigan tax proposal
taxTie Eliminating Tax Breaks to Lower Corporate Rates
taxTax disagreements in budget, debt limit talks
taxJamaica Tax: Mixed reactions to tax reform Green Paper
taxCaterpillar, Zimmer Executives Seek Overseas Tax Changes
taxBig Oil says hands off our tax breaks
taxUS tax receipts up in April; deficit huge
taxSales tax change would ease gas frustration
taxKy. GOP gubernatorial rivals press for tax reform
tax41,000 property tax appeals overwhelm Michigan court
taxGeorgia Solar Tax Credits
taxProperty values, tax revenue dive
taxJefferson job tax settlement
taxTax Burden Rising on Workers
taxTax break likely for infrastructure investment
taxSnyder's tax plan hits Republican bump in Senate
taxA sales tax windfall for web shoppers
taxSales tax hike? Not now
taxTax Burglar backs Michael Corrigan in Duval Tax Collector's race
taxSoda tax to fight obesity could fizzle
taxExxon Mobil Dodges the Tax Man
taxCigarette tax again blocked
taxConocoPhillips CEO: Tax Proposal Would Cost Jobs, Raise Consumer Energy Costs
taxKasich suggests 2012 tax cut hinges on his budget passing
taxSarkozy Cabinet Approves Landmark Tax Reforms
taxBexley to ask public's views of tax hike
taxOregon OKs revamped estate tax
taxTax breaks may not sail through this legislative session
taxState Senate proposes scaled-back Earned Income Tax Credit
taxState can't collect cigarette taxes yet
taxMichigan’s Angel Investment Tax Credit Likely to Die
taxMarriage tax break off the radar
taxSales tax taking bite out of Fond du Lac County debt
taxMerkel warns against high expectations on tax relief
taxJack up beer tax to fight drunken driving
taxCouncil to hear input on tax hikes
taxSales tax check increases again
taxTax on diesel vehicles / SUVs divides government
taxFairfield, Alabama vote set on property tax renewal
taxHow a 1994 casino tax law gave Iowa gay marriages
taxCorporate tax reform - lower tax rates, close tax loopholes
taxProperty Tax Trail Uncovers Surprise In School Funding
taxCalifornia $2.5 billion tax windfall
taxMontgomery bag tax
taxTax loophole stokes handmade cigarettes
taxFederal Budget: Tax relief for the battlers
taxPension tax would violate constitution, Michigan government retirees say
taxHall tax break would help senior citizens
taxSales-tax returns continue gains
taxThird Income Tax To Fund Public Education?
taxSouth Carolina may be tax trendsetter
taxConsultant's 2010 report suggests tax system overhaul
taxBoston Tax Attorneys Open Satellite Office to Help with: Undisclosed Offshore Accounts / IRS Voluntary Disclosures
taxDirect tax collections up 21% in Apr-Feb 2011
taxTax Havens for rich tax avoiders will cripple New Zealand
taxApples to kumquats in gas tax analysis
taxIncome tax bump poses dilemma for Brown
taxTax study: Macon, Bibb faced $26 million divide

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