Tax News 2011 May

taxHudak promises income tax and spending cuts
taxCalifornia taps highest income taxpayers for more revenue
taxPayroll taxes are painfully regressive to bottom 50 percent of workers
taxStorm breaks - S.C. offers homeowners tax savings for hurricane insurance
taxGambler gambles with taxman -- and loses
taxState still needs tax fix for long term
taxBoard approves $32 million budget with 5 percent tax hike
taxWays to Lower Taxes
taxBond expert: It's not your father's muni market
taxGov. Christie, Dems weigh how to raise $500 million
taxThe bankrupt promises of the B.C. Liberals' HST
taxAttention-getting tax figure adds up
taxBusinesses demand California regulatory relief
taxDancing in Apple Retail Stores? This Time in Protest
taxMichigan passes tax reforms
taxRelations stalled as talk turns to our tax
taxBloomberg's Tax Returns Are Written In Rich-Person Code
taxTax Exempt
taxGiving up August sales tax holiday lets all of us help ease state's fiscal distress
taxLegislature considers online sales tax bill
taxSales tax hike showing results in Taylorville
taxSales tax pitched as alternative to energy revenues
taxLouisiana's annual sales tax holiday on hurricane items begins Saturday morning
taxSales tax collections continue to rise
taxSC Gov Haley will let Amazon break become law
taxVoters in at least 4 towns face calls on tax increases
taxKill Ohio death tax?
taxSandoval, lawmakers study line of credit, mining taxes to balance budget
taxClose tax loopholes
taxIt's the talk of the donut shop
taxGive Coal Counties More From Tax
taxOuachita sees sales tax gains in March
taxU.S. plan to hunt tax cheats could burden Canadian banks
taxPBC calls for transparency, documentation of growth
taxSix myths about taxation in Pakistan
taxTax Freedom Day 2011
taxBlanchett, other prominent Aussies back carbon tax
taxMore celebrities set to join Labor Government's carbon tax push
taxWhen it comes to taxes, both sides take familiar stand
taxParnell to pursue oil tax cut
taxSandoval shifts, will support tax renewals
taxTax Freedom Day
taxHMRC warns tax dodgers of fresh VAT crackdown
taxTax Practice Responsibilities
taxPro-HST Economist Defends His BC Business Council Study
taxDon't count on gas tax break
taxHoliday homes face tax break chop
taxFinMin arms fight over tax refunds
taxTax legislation agreed by cabinet
taxCouncilman's proposal to change income tax distribution falls flat
taxTime to tax farm incomes
taxLePage's tax reform plan helps almost every Mainer pay less
taxFarmers are biggest victims of tax plan
taxCrovo, city tax collector, arrested
taxAre tax incentives a bad deal for the state?
taxHST Wasn't Fixed: Politics Trump Good Policy
taxCorporate Trickery: Rep Claims Big Businesses Dodge State Taxes
taxDespite cutting tax credits, Michigan is not leaving the incentives business
taxSindh to levy sales tax on 12 services
taxJamestown clerk wonders about tax-exempt sales

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