Tax News 2011 May

taxAmazon tax repeal, other business-backed bills die in Colorado Senate
taxNevada business group wants Amazon to collect tax
taxBusiness owners say Gov. Rick Snyder's business tax overhaul will be reinvested
taxBusiness Owners: Split Tax Rate Would Be Death Knell for Wellesley
taxTax a blooming nuisance for this florist
taxColumbus business gets tax break to grow
taxWest Michigan Policy Forum pushes senators to back state tax reforms
taxBusiness tax bill OK'd in Assembly
taxRepublicans Move to Cut U.S. Unemployment Benefits to Ease Business Taxes
taxBusiness coalition launches tax holiday ad campaign
taxCE claims Spain should pay million euro fine for tax holidays
taxSept. approval seen for fiscal incentives bill
taxCapping gas tax will fuel sales in Rockland
taxIncome tax burden could grow if California bill signed into law
taxKenny rules out income tax increases
taxHines Roofing owner pleads guilty to filing false tax return
taxBrown's Opponent Targets 2010 Tax-Cut Vote
taxCouncil to hear input on tax hikes this month
taxAustralia's low-tax egalitarianism and the case for means-testing
taxOil and gas industry's trust in coalition at all-time low
taxCombine tobacco tax hike with effort to get rid of low-cost cigarettes
taxEast Lycoming OKs preliminary budget and defends tax rates as among lowest
taxSenate debates tax overhaul
taxEnd of the line for family tax rort
taxEconomic impact bills face barriers
taxLow-Income Developer Said to Roll Taxpayer
taxCorporate Tax Breaks and Derivatives - The New Pyramid Scheme
taxFlaherty says Conservatives will maintain plans to lower corporate tax rate
taxElection sealed corporate tax cuts; Canada needs more
taxCorporate tax take shrinks
taxSenate Democrats push to end tax breaks for big oil companies to cut deficit
taxCorporate Tax Reform Should Focus on Tax Rate Reduction
taxThe Consensus Tax Cut
taxTax Executives Say Heightened Call for Transparency is Chief Challenge Facing Multinationals: KPMG Survey
taxBill's campaign bungle
taxRevenue Report Shows Signs Of Recovery
taxCummins & White’s Tax & Estate Planning Expert Robert Lamm Passes Florida Bar Exam
taxMFR, P.C. Offers Insight on Tax Implications Related to Cross-Border Investments
taxBudget 2011: minor investors cut short
tax98.6% of tax for Internet sales not paid
taxDebate over sales tax could cost Tennesseans jobs
taxIreland to cut sales tax to boost jobs
taxNew sales tax money helps Concord maintain status quo for next year's budget
taxHarnett lawmaker not sold on county's plan to seek sales tax hike
taxMadison County Board of Supervisors wants 1% sales tax extension
taxSales tax taking bite out of FdL County debt
taxSpringfield sales tax revenue up; hiring freeze likely to thaw
taxSlidell City Council votes to decrease property taxes despite flat sales tax revenues
taxTax cap would cripple local municipalities
taxManchester Town Council votes to increase property tax
taxCity Council considers tax abatements
taxSt. V’s tax relief deal before council
taxGovernor honors tax office
taxDowners Grove worried about possible funding cuts
taxAmericans try to outrun state, local tax hikes
taxIs it a fair COP9?
taxTrump has thrived with government's generosity
taxTexas Taxpayers Finance Formula One Auto Races as Schools Dismiss Teachers
taxWest Bank: Tax Withholding by Israel Will Delay Paychecks for Palestinians
taxIRS postpones 3 percent withholding tax on contractors

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