Tax News 2011 May

taxRetiree wants to roll 401(k) over to a Roth IRA
taxSmall Business Owners Demand Repeal Of Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich
taxNo withholding tax on foreign cos discounting subsidiary's bills
taxHow tax collection targets ruin long-term fiscal stability
taxPCSO wants to tax lotto jackpots
taxWhat is the OECD’s influence on Israel’s tax treaties?
taxJS body for keeping present provision of opening BO accounts unchanged
taxUK investors overpay tax by £1.1 billion
taxClose eye kept on World Cup scalpers
taxPublic needs to know about changes in tax laws
taxCalifornia Dems’ Big Tax Push
taxCash for Tax Cheats
taxGov. Cuomo’s Property Tax Cap Met With Stiff Resistance From Teachers
taxSnyder signs tax package
taxA tax cap, warts and all
taxHouse puts cigarette tax cut proposal back into Senate bill
taxOil and Gas UK's survey warns over new oil tax
taxPensions tax relief must be reduced radically
taxEconomists say proposed 3,000 yuan income tax threshold too low
taxState Budget Cuts, Reconsidered
taxD.C. Council passes budget without mayor's income tax hike
taxSenate send income tax repeal to new committee
taxSnyder’s changes to Michigan’s tax system now are the law
taxSenate stymies income tax repeal, sending it to Finance Committee
taxMassachusetts Senate rejects cuts to sales, income taxes
taxA 62% Top Tax Rate?
taxLawmaker scraps vote on repealing La. income taxes
taxCounty bracing for income tax reimbursement cuts
taxIdentity thieves targeting income-tax refunds hit 4 York County employees
taxStop Income Tax Loss Is Better Choice For Louisiana Legislature
taxGov. Rick Snyder signs Michigan business/income tax overhaul into law
taxExtending Nevada's temporary business taxes gets support
taxScrap the bag tax
taxIn Effort to Pander to Drivers, 48 Senators Vote to Up Oil Company Profits
taxNo hurricane tax holiday, but sales planned
taxLawmakers say no to meals tax holiday
taxMake your plan now
taxAdele joins the low-tax club
taxND officials plan crackdown on illegal diesel
taxGreens will go with low carbon tax price
taxDocuments show Oregon hospital association reaps benefits from 2009 tax deal
taxFujimori’s husband calls father’s news reports a a low blow
taxWould Tax Rate Flip Score Oregon $1.8 Billion?
taxSave The Poor, Struggling Oil Companies
taxB.C. Liberals promise to lower HST rate, offer rebates, hike corporate taxes
taxTo Fix the Budget Deficit, Raise Corporate Taxes
taxIreland stands by debt target, company tax regime
taxOECD: Ireland should retain corporate tax rate
taxExporters to gain if the North lowers corporation tax
taxLagarde appreciates Irish tax view, says Noonan
taxTax Debtors Stimulated
taxHouse Holds Hearing to Compare Tax Reform in Other Countries
taxBattle over sales tax obligations of online retailers heats up
taxNo sales tax for new appliances
taxBritish Columbia to cut controversial sales tax
taxCosta Mesa relies more heavily on sales tax than neighbors
taxState Senate rejects plan to reduce sales tax
taxCalifornia Sales Tax Cut 1 Percent on July 1
taxCommissioners weigh sales tax extension
taxCalifornia retailers back bills that would force Amazon to collect sales taxes

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