Tax News 2011 May

taxMore sales tax money to be available for city's next fiscal year
taxBed tax increase sought to create funding for sports complex
taxChiefs seek exemption from personal taxes
taxTo fix California's budget, we need taxes too
taxIs the Hungarian government planning a whole new tax scheme?
taxTexas House approves water conservation bill
taxTax-break limits for abortion costs draw fire
taxCommittee approves mining tax changes
taxIllinois business tax breaks soar in recent years
taxGovernor Signs Business Equipment Tax Reduction Bill
taxBill would give tax cut to small businesses
taxGovt plans to target services sector to expand tax base
taxSouth Carolina's $6B spending plan unfinished after 4 weeks
taxGas tax holidays no picnic for states
taxLies told about the income tax
taxSenate bill to allow more income tax exemptions
taxCapital gains account scheme to your rescue
taxDeal with the taxman first, then tackle other debts
taxEarned Income Tax Credit Coalition some taxpayers get more in refunds
taxCommercial artiste Sachin Tendulkar gets tax breaks
taxBrown's pledge to voters leads to budget headaches
taxCarbon tax is delaying investment
taxBusiness groups must pave way on tax credit impasse
taxHow to play the online property tax protest game
taxIs Proposal A dead? Should you care?
taxHospitals confused, upset about tax
taxIn a race to the bottom, how do you define 'win'?
taxBeggar-my-neighbour no substitute for an EU corporate tax policy
taxIn debate over oil tax breaks, facts get slippery
tax4 reasons for Hungary to join the Euro PLUS pact - and 4 not to
taxExecutive jet use, gross ups alive, well
taxWhen tax cuts by any other name would be entitlements
taxHerman Cain 2012
taxTennessee lawmakers extend jobless relief
taxSales tax: Vote 'yes' June 14
taxPutting parks sales tax increase on ballot
taxStatewide Sales and Use Tax Rate Set to Decrease by 1% July 1
taxCounty is wise to start tax talks early
taxSalem City amends budget, cuts local purpose tax hike from 17.8 to 9.7 cents
taxBattle over Internet sales taxes rekindles in Congress
taxBuy cars, gas locally
taxState income tax
taxSuing for sales taxes
taxTicket tax could face legal challenges
taxSummertime Tax Moves
taxOfficials debate benefits of commercial tax cuts
taxLocal Governments Hit as Tax Revenue Falters
taxLawmakers debate giving municipalities more taxing authority
taxState's Plan For Local Tax Powers Drawing Opposition
taxElite Prep Schools Don't Pay Property Taxes
taxCities say tax receipts rising
taxStanfield, Pilot reach accord
taxNew state tax bill to affect every resident
taxBe careful about capital gains in house sales
taxMen barred from promoting tax-fraud scheme
taxReduction in sales tax recommended
taxBackers of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's tax plan adjust their sales pitch
taxLivermore Stands to Gain $2 Million in Sales Tax Revenue
taxNCAA basketball tournament boosts city sales-tax revenue
taxAmazon raises stakes with 3 more centers

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