Tax News 2011 May

taxMain Street isn’t supporting Governor Chafee on sales-tax plan
taxAmazon keeps tax exemption
taxGST on more items planned in budget
taxThe Political Basis for the FairTax
taxA tax toast for craft beer
taxPay Off the Debt: Tax the Freakazoids
taxTax tips: Death and tax filing
taxSmall Business and Taxes
taxTennessee legislators pass bills to give tax breaks
taxSan Mateo County grapples with flawed tax law
taxTax credit battle costs food pantries
taxNew Hampshire repeals taxes on lottery prizes
taxAnother school parcel tax?
taxPersonal income tax legislation will apply equally across the nation
taxThe next business tax the Legislature should reform
taxPeer accuses banks of pocketing ISA tax relief
taxWashington's tax the rich shell game
taxTax cap must have mandate relief, too
taxMargin tax on business would be bad for Nevada
taxTax hikes, regulations hurting small business
taxLegislators pursue new tax on business services in Nevada
taxWhy FBR failed to raise Tax-GDP ratio
taxHow did business fare this session?
taxStorm supplies can be purchased sales tax-free in Louisiana next weekend
taxThere is no gas tax holiday without a cost
taxAgriculture Income Tax
taxI-T dept might not be the only source
taxIncome tax isn't the problem
taxThe tax / budget / deficit debate - A tale of two taxes and what's fair, or not
taxErie FCU prepares 110 tax returns with Erie Free Taxes
taxAT&T: Detroit owes us money
taxWarnings on Children's Tax
taxBudget's sword swings its way through families' cost of living
taxHST vote offers too few choices
taxMore homeowners owe no property taxes in Hillsborough County
taxIBEC warning over corporate tax
taxState proposal would send $250 million to certified capital companies
taxComing state tax changes praised, dreaded
taxIllinois spending millions for companies to stay in state
taxIn Iowa, Cain says he sees a redeemable America in crisis
taxEnergy Star Sales Tax Weekend
taxWho reaps most benefit from drop in sales tax?
taxWoodland council mulls public safety sales tax
taxSales tax vote: Too big to fail?
taxOak Harbor sees drop in sales tax
taxE-shopping lures customers away
taxPot shops, sales tax occupy City Council
taxTDs made queries to local tax offices
taxBig bank meets small town, and it doesn’t go well
taxWildomar parks tax request dredges possibility of closings
taxRealtors Support Cuomo's Property Tax Cap
taxShould state tax intangible property, such as stocks?
taxBritish holiday homeowners in France to be hit by new tax
taxWindow closing on Michigan's tax amnesty program
taxTax requirement delayed, to the relief of companies
taxKPCCI for removal of CVT on industry
taxGovernment plans new tax measures to reduce debt
taxNeed for social welfare budgeting
taxDo Marginal Tax Increases Reduce Incentives for the Wealth Creators
taxPotomac Greens removed from Alexandria tax district

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