Tax News 2011 May

taxExpand sales tax, cut income tax
taxBrakes put on new tax
taxHotels fear backlash as Duluth sues major travel website
taxFederal Court Bars Ohio Accountant and Former Business Partner from Promoting Oil and Gas Tax Fraud Scheme
taxJersey changes tax policy
taxCannabis Activist Paul Stanford Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion
taxDavid Cameron’s communications director in tax fraud investigation
taxTax Authority doesn't use tools to chase debtors
taxOsborne caught in a tangle over tax
taxPain and gain for traders
taxGermany is building a gateway for criminal money
taxCat-and-mouse dance in tax evasion struggle
taxGovernment agrees with IMF on Rs1,952 bn revenue target
taxTaxation: Commission refers France to Court over tax discrimination against foreign pension and investment funds
taxForeigners avoid land taxes: Crackdown time
taxEuropean funds to pay high price for new US tax law
taxWhile cutting education, Kentucky gives $43 million tax break to creationism theme park
taxCriticism Soars as Tax Breaks Granted for Noah's Ark Theme Park
taxColorado casinos to get tax break
taxDover Township tax preparer charged with fraud
taxCuomo ramps up tax-cap pressure on lawmakers
taxAnother Way To Curb Deficits
taxInvest in 529 Plans With Caution
taxSanta Cruz motel owners embroiled in city tax fight file bankruptcy
taxPersonal Income Increasing for California’s Wealthy
taxAmendments Pending For Business Tax Proposal
taxNevada Senate committee passes business tax amendments
taxJPMorgan Sued by NES Financial Over 2008 Purchase of Tax-Deferred Business
taxRedwood City may ask voters to raise business and hotel taxes
taxIllinois says tax breaks soared when more companies got other offers as recession eased
taxSimple tax equation turns out to be complex
taxIRS Spotlights Tax Benefits For Small Businesses Available in 2011
taxBudget twists and turns
taxAmended Gas Tax Holiday On Senate Calendar
taxFrench Tax on Holiday Homes Could Hit 360,000 Non-Resident French Property Owners
taxBig Oil Only Pays 4.4% in Income Tax to US Treasury, Uses Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes
taxCouncil could tax bonds to avoid D.C. income tax hike
taxVillage placing income tax increase on ballot
taxSolo 401(k) lets self-employed shelter more of their income
taxUse extra N.J. revenue wisely
taxGolden State blues
taxSome taxpayers denied credits on low-speed electric vehicles despite judge's ruling
taxIMF backs bid to cut loan rate and retain 12.5% tax
taxLePage budget unfair, expensive for lower-income Mainers
taxCollege Board Approves Property Tax Increase
taxLabor Unions, Nonprofits Seek Curbs on Corporate Tax Breaks
taxGovernment exploring alternative changes to corporate tax system to satisfy France
taxCompanies seek tax break for overseas profits
taxDemocratic Governors (Heart) Taxes
taxWith eye on jobs, states wine, dine corporations
taxIncome tax surge shows area economy recovering
taxOil Companies are Poster Child for Corporate Welfare
taxCasino tax rides on who's counting
taxBrown's pledge to voters leads to budget headaches
taxVirginia hurricane-prep sales tax break starts Wednesday
taxMaryland hikes sales tax on alcohol
taxState board to tell retailers of looming sales tax cut
taxHurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Coming Up
taxRamsey County Board Chair Victoria Reinhardt opposes stadium sales tax
taxKendall worried about making future payments on jail bonds

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