Tax News 2011 May

taxGM's IT center gets state tax credit
taxPresident of Portland medical marijuana organization pleads guilty to tax evasion
taxNevada governor's spokesman says tax plan too late
taxSkelos open to changing limit on tax increase
taxSmall Business Tax Reform
taxRaise taxes on rich, business
taxEnding Big Oil’s tax holiday
taxFree Money Claim Roils Dispute on One-Time U.S. Offshore Tax Holiday
taxTen thoughts on reforming tax incentives
taxExtending tax holiday
taxSenator Paul Proposes Gas Tax Holiday
taxSales Tax Holiday Coming for Energy Efficient Appliances
taxBudget Leaders: It's Up to the Texas House
taxIncome tax repeal clears next hurdle in Senate
taxSenate to debate Louisiana income tax repeal next week
taxDayton city manager warns of service cuts
taxPlaying games with state taxes
taxNew Jersey's wealthiest pump up tax revenue
taxFound Money: Officials Argue About Budget Windfall
taxConverting Nondeductible IRA to Roth
taxTax big oil
taxGOP Should Preserve Tax Credits for Working Families In Tax Plan
taxThe Social Security/Medicare Crisis Is Really a Choice - Between the Middle Class and the Wealthy
taxGOP-Style Democrats Slash DC Budget
taxHeavy taxes stifle cellular industry growth
taxInvestors not reclaiming withholding taxes
taxSeven towns withhold tax sharing payment
taxIRS Advances Technology for Spotting Tax Fraud
taxTax record-keeping time
taxIRS Sends Tax Letters to Five Big Political Donors
taxOil company tax breaks upheld in Senate
taxTax Department Vows Crackdown on Black Money
taxRepublican Senators Seek Answers on IRS Gift Tax Enforcement
taxRI lawmakers considering lowering cigarette tax
taxNo budging on state budget
taxTax cap talks alive
taxNo income tax relief this year
taxUse this year’s tax refund to start personal savings account
taxAnother battle over the millionaires tax
taxBudget 2011: reaction
taxDemocrats' plan for millionaire surtax intended to soften up GOP
taxCalifornia revenue up, but gov still pushes tax hikes
taxCalifornia Budget Deficit Slips Below $10 Billion
taxDo State Business Taxes Really Matter?
taxGovernor signs bill lowering business equipment tax
taxTax Break for Self-Employed Likely to Vanish
taxTax collection shows sales increasing
taxEnergy Star Tax Holiday takes place Memorial Day Weekend
taxTax holiday to be extended until 2013 - Minister
taxHurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday
taxSpl tax benefit for LPG use, poultry planned
taxNevada lawmakers address high gas prices
taxTom Reed lauds efforts to help small businesses
taxLouisiana income tax repeal advances
taxSenate Passes Anti-Income Tax Resolution
taxEugene voters reject school income tax
taxSkelos: Millionaires tax is dead
taxLa. Senate to debate income tax repeal next week
taxSchool income tax is soundly defeated
taxRiordan: Income tax raise not an option

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