Tax News 2011 May

taxSales tax referendum still possible for this year
taxFBR for 4pc tax on jute bag suppliers
taxBacktracking on HST would cost B.C. dearly
taxFPCCI laments sales tax on capital goods
taxOnline retailer Amazon repays Indiana sales tax policy
taxSchool groups back 1-cent tax
taxKeyport sets budget airing
taxConservatives enter debate over tax cap
taxBradley Beach $8M budget eyes tax hike, average homeowner faces possible $55 rise
taxHigh-priority legislative issues may be shelved
taxHigh deficits bring new focus to federal tax breaks
taxTax bill battle over Manchester eatery
taxAgainst the meals tax
taxSenate, governor differ on plans for natural gas fee
taxAccountant repays in full for dishonesty
taxBlack money: Legitimise it by paying 15% tax, park it in India
taxBarclays reported to accounts regulator by investors
taxRemoval of 0.3% tax on cash withdrawal from banks proposed
taxGovernment undecided about tax on assets
taxGive Palestinians their tax cash, Israel told
taxBeginning of a Hybrid Era?
taxHarris School economist: Refunds don’t always help lower-income taxpayers
taxTaxpayer subsidies for the purchase of luxury yachts
taxFinancial Moves for the Newly Single
taxFederal Tax Chutzpah
taxTax Dollars Confirm Miami’s New Dining Status
taxDemocrats rally for gas-drilling tax
taxIssues crucial to Florida residents
taxIRS, postal service target tax refund fraud
taxTax assessor makes $336,000 from 9 towns in the region
taxTaxing the rich is government greed
taxNevada Democrats release plan to extend taxes
taxApril tax revenue boosts optimism on Idaho economy
taxLow taxes fail to produce jobs
taxPublic opinion aside, Americans under-taxed
taxWho pays no income tax?
taxState Rep. Kate Harper introduces bill to tax Marcellus Shale
taxGOP eases 2009 tax hikes
taxPatriots don't leave their country broke, suffering
taxHow much does Warren Buffett make in a year?
taxPoultry association urges govt not to impose 15pc sales tax
taxIndian cos need not withhold tax for data processing services
taxInvestors lose $17.39bn of returns due to un-reclaimed withholding tax
taxTax seminars scheduled in Fort Scott
taxAttorney: Online travel ruling good for Rome
taxD.C. Council clashes on Gray’s tax increases
taxRimini Street Announces General Availability of Rimini Street Tax Engine for SAP Payroll
taxTax Fraud Scheme Defrauding State Nets Two
taxAre tax credits the best path to auto electrification?
taxFair Tax Fouls
taxDayton Floats Smaller Tax Hike; GOP Not Interested
taxSan Juan couple charged with $2 million tax fraud
taxTax campaign launched
taxTo WaPo, Popular Tax Hikes for Wealthy Are Political Dynamite
taxWhy eliminating Big Oil loopholes isn’t a tax increase
taxToo Many Cooks on Tax Policy?
taxBrown Trims Tax Plan as Economy Rebounds
taxN.J. to receive $913M more in tax revenue than expected
taxCasinos call budget provision a tax hike; Kasich says it isn't

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