Tax News 2011 June

taxBeijing tax authority seeks 2 million from Ai Weiwei in back taxes
taxDebt ceiling talks turn to taxes - higher taxes!
taxCanada Tax: Small business crippled by tax burden
taxPenny sales tax
taxCalifornia sales tax drops by a penny Friday
taxDems scraps tax election
taxAviation tax
taxRapid City sales tax revenue up 8 percent
taxTax-Free Shopping for Children's Clothing Ends
taxHouse speaker scrambles to pay late taxes
taxPension still exempt but will still have $1,000 less income this year
taxReal problem is the outrageous income gap
taxDon't Scratch Corporate Income Taxes
taxTaxation system
taxNew Laws, New Taxes Take Effect July 1
taxVictims of the IRS Dirty Dozen Tax Scams Can Be Left Holding the Bag
taxTax fears on rise in Medford
taxAustralia Tax: Hockey rejects Treasury tax costings offer
taxTax Loopholes for CEO's Who Fly Corporate Jets
taxIllinois borrowing tax funds intended for charities
taxRepublicans Reject Tax Increases in Debt-Reduction Package
taxNo to Tax Hikes, Look for Other Revenues
taxTalking about tax revenue not helpful
taxClosing special tax breaks not same as raising taxes
taxShould everybody pay income taxes?
taxTax hikes will not be part of deal
taxLoophole lets projects get tax breaks
taxAustralia Tax: Julia Gillard to Tony Abbott: cost your tax cuts
taxIncreasing your taxes is proven job killer
taxReliance on sales tax hurts us all
taxN.J. is not the most overtaxed state in the nation
taxChina Raises Income Tax Threshold by More Than Proposed
taxHow About a Zero Corporate Tax?
taxSpread Tax Burden To The Poor: Tax Foundation
taxHotel owner may keep business tax certificate
taxCalifornia's sales and vehicle taxes head down
taxReforming U.S. Corporate Taxes
taxSome state taxes, fees drop while others go up
taxCorporate Tax Debate? Ignore It and Think About Your Taxes
taxCut deficit by ending corporate loopholes, taxing wealthy
taxAmazon faces adding Texas taxes
taxAmazon and Sales Tax: Will They or Won't They Collect?
taxCalifornia businesses prep for sales tax change
taxTwo area tax preparation firms merge
taxCalifornia Affiliate Tax Becomes Law
taxCuomo Hails Tax Cap’s Passage
taxAmazon severs ties to California affiliates in sales tax fight
taxCuts in corporate tax loopholes
taxFranklin Co. Schools Push For Sales Tax
taxU.S. now world’s highest corporate taxer
taxAfrican Tax Group Stepping Up Efforts To Control Tax Avoidance
taxSouth Africa Tax: Multinational profit shifting erodes taxes
taxIFIs Tax Policy in Developing Countries
taxEuropean Savings Tax Directive reforms
taxSwiss fin min says two issues delay tax deals
taxMultinationals in line for £1bn tax break
taxBest Selling Author Cancels California Affiliates
taxBill Clinton calls for corporate tax cut
taxGovernor Doofus Shuts Down Minnesota
taxMinnesota budget mess

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