Tax News 2011 June

taxCalifornia Amazon tax will kill 25,000 small businesses
taxResolve On Taxes Showing Cracks?
taxMauriello Enterprises, Inc. Introduces New Services in Corporate Tax Services
taxCalifornia Online Tax Causes Tripple Taxation On S-Corp Businesses
taxCommercial property tax cuts
taxCorporate Jet Tax
taxEstate Tax Uncertainty Unsettles Small Businesses
taxSales tax drops Friday
taxNew Jersey approves millionaires tax
taxStatewide Sales and Use Tax Rate Decreases by 1% July 1
taxObama's Hedge Fund Tax Hike
taxMark Ierardi Joins Smart Devine and Company as Director in Their Corporate Tax Practice
taxObama Call Ending Tax Breaks for Corporate Jets
taxChina artist Ai Weiwei to challenge tax bill and fine
taxCalifornia film tax credits
taxProperty tax reform appears dead
taxObama: Congress must ax oil industry tax breaks
taxTax delinquencies and the economic downturn
taxPrivate Jets: $250,000-a-Year Earners Can’t Afford Jets
taxObama Blasts Private Jet Tax Breaks
taxKenya Tax: Let’s go beyond tax amnesty
taxMinnesota Income Tax Increase Modification Could Encourage Tax Avoidance and Promote Poor Investment Decisions
taxNew Zealand Tax: Growl at tax dodgers
taxCorporate Jets: Boost Taxes on Corporate Jet Owners
taxLegislation would change corporate business taxes
taxIncome taxes: Who pays and who doesn’t pay
taxReplace income tax with expanded sales tax
taxWhy the GOP Is Right On Taxes
taxIowa Tax: No deal on property taxes
taxA Bloomberg Investigation Exposes Cisco’s Tax Hypocrisy
taxMachiavelli on Tax Policy
taxCalifornia Film & TV Tax Generated $3.8B in Economic Activity, 20,000 Jobs
taxSenator Coburn’s Ahistorical, Unworkable Tax Hike Plans
taxReal Per Share Effect of a Corporate Tax Holiday
taxCorporate Repatriation Tax Holiday
taxCuomo to veto borrowing bill for schools
taxNew Zealand Tax: Landmark tax avoidance case
taxOnline Sales Tax Legislation Would Deter Online Sellers and Buyers
taxWithout sales tax, county can’t function
taxIllinois out of money for income tax refunds
taxHuntington occupation tax
taxMalaysia Tax: State exploring ways to gain more from sales tax to broaden revenue base
taxSales Tax Changes
taxIntangible taxes
taxCalifornia Film and TV Tax Credit Report
taxWhy soda tax won’t work
taxTax break on mortgage debt
taxA Stealth Tax Increase
taxMunicipalities defend business tax rates
taxMillionaires Tax In NJ? Dems Say Yes
taxBanka: Accountant makes a case for keeping the harmonized sales tax
taxCanada Tax: A decade of eroding tax fairness
taxChina Tax Rates 2011
taxBiggest Tax Avoiders Win Most Gaming $1 Trillion U.S. Tax Break
taxAi Weiwei landed with £1m bill from Chinese tax office
taxLong haul effort seen for reforming tax breaks
taxIHK court summons Yasin, Shabbir in income tax cases
taxMost Americans have it exactly backwards on corporate taxation
taxThailand Tax: NIDA proposes corporate tax cuts
taxMichigan can compete, economic chief says

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