Tax News 2011 June

taxAustralia Tax: Beware of tax scams offering money
taxIRS extends some foreign account deadlines
taxIRS Financial Management Systems Have Problems
taxIRS Increases Business Mileage to 55.5 Cents Per Mile
taxHolden CEO warns future of his company is under review
taxMore efficient cars creating challenges for highway funding
taxA Second Chance at Tax Breaks
taxBulgaria President declares BGN 15,000 available funds in 2010, his tax return reads
taxUBS Client Heller Pleads Guilty in $26 Million Tax Evasion Scheme
taxOffshore Havens
taxFundraising food bank is not a charity
taxFormer executive gets $1.7M tax-free
taxUK Tax: HMRC’s Redford heads for Colchester
taxTax agent enrolment
taxIRA Deduction
taxMinnesota Tax
taxIRS increases business standard mileage rate
taxIRS Sets Tax Filing Extension at 5 Months for Partnership, Estate and Trust Returns
taxHC discharges Jaya from Wealth Tax case
taxIndia Tax: The right way to file your tax returns
taxHMRC breathing down the neck of small businesses
taxHMRC refuses TTP to dividend paying companies
taxFraudulent accountant caught by HMRC
taxLiechtenstein Offshore Tax
taxIHT cut on charity bequests likely to benefit women
taxTax dodging is not just for the mega rich
taxCanada Tax: New employees to have tax implications
taxProperty tax cap becomes state law
taxState tax on cigarettes
taxVictims of the IRS's Dirty Dozen Tax Scams
taxIRS review may change innocent spouse relief rules
taxCan he get a tax break for being in jail?
taxImproving tax revenue won't offset state cuts
taxAustralia Tax: How to grow your tax refund?
taxIllinois Tax: State takes money designated for charities
taxIRS Increases Business Mileage Rate to 55.5 Cents
taxSouth Africa Tax: Filing season opens Friday - What can you deduct?
taxMichigan getting back more money from Washington than it sends
taxHMRC leaves you, and many others, in the dark over tax details
taxFBR announces tax amnesty scheme
taxGreece Tax: Government backtracks on receipt returns measure
taxTax law that could make your grandchildren super rich
taxFinance Ministers hints at tax simplification
taxUK Tax: fake tax e-mails
taxState truck operators demand tax parity
taxNo-tax pledge is key component of state budget debate
taxAlabama businesses won't face $36.8 million federal unemployment tax increase
taxCollapse of diesel tax proposal
taxExcise duty, other surcharges to go in two years
taxAlabama Tax: Taxes a necessity
taxOregon's new inheritance tax law
taxMiami Springs Mayor Owes $200,000 To IRS
taxRhode Island Tax: Longevity bonuses cut, sales tax expanded
tax18 tax offices in 4 central Japan prefectures kept files on foreigners
taxCanada Tax: tuition benefits
taxGroups fail to maintain exempt status
taxBusinesses will see lower unemployment taxes
taxFBR plans tax amnesty schemes
taxHow Gay Marriage Will Change Couples’ Financial Lives
taxSenate passes the Big Ugly

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