Tax News 2011 June

taxIRS Urged to Provide Its Own Tax Software
taxAustralia Tax: Small business tax calendar
taxUnions wary of Brown's tax election
taxLowcountry man arrested on tax charges
taxEstate Tax or Carryover Basis?
taxUK Tax: HMRC owed nearly £1bn from Time to Pay
taxWhy Small Retirement Savings Count
taxIRS erred on tax status list
taxIgnore emails from the IRS
taxIRS Must Improve Database Security
taxIRS And Foreign Account Data Swaps
taxIRS increases gas mileage deduction
taxPERS bill cutting out-of-state tax remedy
taxNorth Dakota property tax abolition
taxTaxpayer Says IRS Man Punched Him Out
taxUK Tax: Taxman targeting eBay sellers
taxUK Tax: Citizens Advice Bureau - tax credit renewal forms
taxNo Income Tax returns for salaried class on income up to Rs 5 lakh
taxTax Tips for Grads
taxFeds Break Online Tax Refund Scam
taxTax protester sentenced for failing to file tax returns
taxAustralia Tax: A taxing future offers happy returns
taxIRS Tax Scams, again
taxMichael Jackson aide pleads guilty to tax evasion
taxAudit: IRS could do more to protect databases
taxIRS applicable federal rates (AFR) for July 2011
taxHMRC seeks expat views on reform of residency rules
taxMarshall Islands Tax: Offshore Company Incorporation for International Businesses
taxSalaried individuals with total income up to Rs 5 lakh exempted from filing Income Tax return
taxUK Tax: Inheritance tax relief
taxUK Tax: Inheritance tax relief likely to require new standard clause in wills
taxAustralia Tax: Tax Ruling on NFPs
taxTransocean Tax Havens tax evasion case
taxUK Tax: How retirement changes bring estate planning opportunities
taxFormer Army Contracting Officials Charged with Filing False Tax Returns
taxBelarusian man sentenced in tax scam
taxGold trader faces P249.5M tax evasion suit
taxAustralia Tax: Goods and Services Tax (GST)
taxState forces Monroe county to raise tax index
taxZambia Tax: Zambia to audit more mining firms
taxTax havens
taxIRS targets 692 region nonprofits
taxWhistleblowing on corporate tax cheats
taxOffshore Tax: How tax havens poisoned the economy
taxUK Offshore Tax: 10,000 reveal offshore accounts
taxOffshore Tax Havens: Banks top list of tax haven users
taxUS Amendment Would Grandfather In Pending Tax Strategy Patents
taxTax Collectors Get Aggressive With Self-Employed Nonresidents
taxThe campaign to turn Scotland into a tax haven
taxTax break hopes for Pennsylvania
taxOffshore banks battle for high margin lending
taxTax exemptions revoked for CSULB non-profit organizations
taxSelf managed super funds (SMSFs)
taxTax tips for entrepreneurs
taxAustralia Tax: Tax loss claims
taxAustralia Tax: tax tips from tax experts
taxIRA investment mix varies by age, but not gender
tax133 IRS workers didn’t comply with tax laws
taxTaking Another Shot at Taxing Amazon
taxIRS innocent spouse rules can be tough

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