Tax News 2011 June

taxTax pro errors
taxHong Kong Tax: Filing of tax returns and payment of taxes
taxRussia Tax: Paying Taxes is a Status Symbol
taxState tax on health claims would raise rates
taxIsrael Tax: Tax Tips for Israeli real estate tax planning
taxIRS is ready to help
taxContempt Order Against Tax Preparer
taxTax Writers Caution That Raising Revenue Now Could Hurt Tax Overhaul
taxCorporate Taxes are Bad for the Economy
taxezPaycheck Small Business Payroll Tax Solution
taxChina Clarifies Business Tax Exemption for Cross-border Equipment Lease Contracts
taxJoseph Ciccarelli Joins Smart Devine and Company Corporate Tax Practice
taxSouth Africa Tax: Treasury takes beating for tax amendments
taxReal Tax Rates on Top Earners
taxTaxes increased all over the county
taxAuburn City approves 1 percent sales tax hike
taxIRS revokes tax-exempt status of 1,989 state groups
taxCorporations lobby for tax breaks
taxWishful thinking behind repatriation tax holiday
taxTax credits
taxSouth Africa Tax: tax relief for intra-group asset transfers
taxBusinessman Charged With Federal Tax Fraud
taxUK Tax: Tax man pockets almost half your salary
taxAre Republicans Going Soft on Taxes?
taxNew export sales tax refund manifiestos law
taxCorporate property tax reform can hurt residential property taxpayers
taxNew York closes loophole on tax evasion
taxKenya Tax: KRA Sending Mixed Signals Over Tax Data
taxFlorida governor aims to lure CME from Illinois
taxRosenbloom v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
taxDeal on capping property tax rates
taxCanada Tax: CRA Warns Canadian Taxpayers about Phishing E-Mails
taxHMRC to change the rules for claiming back fixtures and fittings in new restaurants
taxUK Tax: tax fines for late tax payments
taxAustralia Tax: Tax scam warning
taxGrocers laud plan to slash cigarette tax
taxIndia Tax: Income from post office savings to be taxed
taxNew York passes bill to crack down on tax cheats
taxUK Inheritance Tax: Expert offers inheritance tax advice
taxOnly taxpayers should vote
taxTax Whistleblower Loses Dillon Fortune Case
taxUK Tax: Give it away if you want to minimise your inheritance tax
taxAustralia Tax: Start-ups urged to step up sales drive to lure tax return dollars
taxUK Tax: Tax credit applicants must be aware of phishing threats
taxCigarette tax: Not about money?
taxUK Tax: Tax Fraudster jailed after HMRC investigation
taxObama’s Offshore Financial camp
taxFederal prisoner convicted of tax fraud
taxNew York Indian cigarette tax
taxTax writer: We're getting ready for tax reform
taxIncome Tax dept asked to start action against tax evaders
taxFBAR: Reporting Foreign Bank Accounts
taxStates Get Aggressive With Self-Employed Nonresidents
taxAustralia Defines Transfer Pricing Rules for Business Restructuring
taxAustralia Tax: carbon tax brings uncertainty
taxCanada Tax: construction contractor guilty of tax evasion
taxSupport for corporate repatriation tax holiday
taxManufacturing Needs Tax Cuts
taxWoman pleads guilty to filing false IRS claims, identity theft
taxUK Tax: HMRC reiterates tough stance on tax fraud

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