Tax News 2011 June

taxCalifornia Couple Pleads Guilty to Hiding Swiss UBS Account
taxMan Received Wrong Tax Refund from IRS, Faces Jail
taxCalifornia UBS Clients Plead Guilty to Hiding Assets in Secret Swiss Bank Account
taxFour convicted in Manhattan federal court for running tax shelter
taxMerck Can’t Recoup $473 Million in U.S. Income Taxes
taxOakland County sues Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac over unpaid taxes
taxIRS Could Improve Cost Basis Reporting
taxAmericans living abroad have to deal with the IRS
taxe-file withholding tax returns
taxTax holiday is just another way for big corporations to get away with tax evasion
taxMicrosoft, Apple, Google seek tax holiday on billions of offshore cash
taxConclusion To UK, German Tax Talks Not Far Off
taxWhy Obama’s FATCA Law Is A Threat To Business Growth
taxSenators Urge IRS to Provide Taxpayers With Free Software
taxBudget Story: Everyone Said No
taxFuel Tax vs. Driving Tax
taxFormer Texas business comptroller charged with tax crimes
taxTax holiday for overseas earnings
taxIRS Penalties Despite Accountant’s Mistake
taxHMRC sets its sights on VAT rule breakers
taxPension savers losing out on £795m tax relief
taxFinland Tax: New government programme taxes high incomes more heavily than before
taxLittle or no impact seen from IRS change on nonprofits
taxU.S. crackdown doesn’t distinguish between tax havens and a country like Canada
taxFreelancer Tax: Should I come forward to HMRC about my eBay sales?
taxCanada Tax: Notice of Assessment
taxUK Tax: Don’t get hooked by email scam
taxAustralia Tax: Carbon tax
taxShaikh for strengthening FTO to improve tax system
taxIRS lists out-of-order nonprofits
taxSimplify filings with a flat tax? not that simple
taxGermany Tax: German Tax Revenue Surged in May
taxCompanies seek tax cut for offshore profits
taxAustralia Tax: ATO emphasises tax debt management
taxIRS expands Compliance Assurance Process
taxCompanies Push for Tax Break on Foreign Cash
taxAustralia Tax: Tax Worries for Small Business Owners
taxSri Lanka Tax: Sri Lanka state revenue gap wide, despite higher taxes in April
taxHow a no-tax-hike pledge makes K Street even richer
taxUnder performing business tax
taxUlster County leaders call on State Assembly to pass sales tax extender
taxKentucky gas tax to rise by 1.9 cents per gallon
taxExpat Tax: Before You Leave U.S.
taxTax return mistake - What to do now?
taxTax evasion, black money and money laundering
taxUK Tax: Tax Cheats to be Targeted by New HMRC Software
taxAustralia Tax: tax commissioner
taxLouisiana Tax
taxSouth Africa Tax: Tax filing season opens
taxUK Tax: Tax website will tell us exactly how much we pay
taxTax breaks aid businesses hit by natural disasters
taxAustralia Tax: Mining Tax
taxFormer clients feel betrayed by Tax Lady
taxIRS increases number of audits
taxMichigan tax amnesty window closes soon
taxMan Arrested After IRS Mistakenly Sends Him $110,000 Tax Refund
taxSwiss tax haven lures rich from emerging markets
taxPlease Tax Me for State's Sake
taxBetter Than 401(k)
taxWhat is Roth IRA? Consider Roth IRA for Retirement

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