Tax News 2011 June

taxSwiss aid in detecting offshore tax evasion
taxCayman: from obscurity to offshore giant
taxHigher earners play waiting game to pay less tax
taxLessons From the Last War on Tax Havens
taxTax Havens
taxThe Rise and Rise of Britain's tax haven empire
taxTax Havens: Singapore's future as a financial centre
taxWarning to contractors with offshore accounts
taxReduced US 5% offshore penalty for foreign residents
taxSwiss accounts used to evade Korean tax
taxIRS in the Dark About Number of Tax Shelters and Tax Avoidance Schemes
taxBringing offshore profits to the U.S. at a reduced tax rate
taxIndia, OECD agree for enhanced tax cooperation
taxTax Havens: Tax scam in UK's Private Finance Initiative
taxHistory of Taxation
tax5 Alabama Tax Return Preparers Charged with Tax Fraud
taxOffshore Tax: HMRC collars 500,000 tax dodgers
taxFlaherty: Canada is low tax haven
taxDon’t Have the IRS Prepare Your Tax Return
taxIRS Offers Another FBAR Filing Extension
taxHMRC seeks missing VAT
taxState tax collector asked to resolve online travel tax dispute
taxNew Hampshire negotiators agree on $10B budget
taxEstate v. Department of Revenue
taxTax Tips for Recent Grads
taxInnocent Spouse Win for IRS
taxHafeez: Govt not to burden taxpayers
taxUK Tax: Don't get hooked by phishy email scam
taxCanada Tax: Tax judge calls Toronto poker player’s bet
taxProperty tax cap to hurt New Yorkers
taxJudge: Man pocketed employees' tax money
taxHMRC to adopt new tax evasion software
taxTax time: do you know where your tech deductions are?
taxTaxpayer ID theft serious problem for U.S.
taxTaxman offers hand to bandaged businesses
taxAustralia Tax: Trusting your trust at tax time
taxTax Credit renewals
taxUK Tax: HMRC gets tough with eBay tax evaders
taxLocal tax preparer arrested for theft
taxForeign shares can cause tax headaches
taxAustralia Tax: ATO defines discretion on super admin penalties
taxUK Tax: HMRC targets tradesmen
taxInnocent Spouse Defense
taxUK Tax: Phishing Scams Hit UK Taxman
taxIRS Revokes Exemptions for 71 Birmingham Non-Profits
taxSwanson v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
taxUK Tax: Scam tax rebate emails
taxFederal Board of Revenue (FBR) to ensure withholding tax collection
taxHome price declines are more than tax credit
taxGrandview Business Owner Sentenced for False Tax Returns
taxUK Tax: £2m boost for voluntary sector
taxCat Lady Nips IRS in Ruling Over Charitable Expenses
taxNiche tax breaks targeted
taxCompanies unaware of mileage tax liability
taxUK Tax: HMRC to target VAT defaulters on eBay
taxHMRC switch poses pension tax threat
taxUK Tax: Treasury to close net on tax exiles’ free days in UK
taxRaising state taxes and extending temporary tax increases
taxAustralia Tax: Tax strategies from ATO
taxPollard v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

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