Tax News 2011 June

taxKorea strives to detect offshore tax evaders
taxLawyer Sentenced in Quellos Tax Shelter Scheme
taxEmployers of tax jobs likely to prosecute tax evaders
taxOffshore financial centres (OFCs) are luring tax evaders
taxBusiness groups come out against corporate tax holiday
taxAvoiding taxes
taxCincinnati tax preparer pleads guilty to filing false returns
taxHMRC To Use Web Robots To Hunt Down Tax Cheats
taxHMRC to target eBay tax dodgers
taxTax subsidies for ethanol producers
taxHMRC faces huge loss in tax debt
taxIRS offers steps for nonprofits to regain tax-exempt status
taxCanada Revenue Agency Reminds Canadians to Beware of Phishing Schemes
taxIRS Actually Apologizing For Unfairly Taxing Gay Couples?
taxRhode Island lawmakers keep taxes
taxHMRC continue to target tax cheats
taxHMRC targets eBay tax dodgers
taxIllinois considers changes in state income taxes
taxFlight Attendants on Australian Taxation Office (ATO) watchlist
taxMichigan OKs pension tax exemption
taxGM state tax credit request for new paint shop: $10 million
taxTax income preparer pleads guilty to filing false returns
taxFiling FBAR For The First Time
taxAustralia Tax: Macquarie Bank hits out at $95m tax slug
taxUK Tax: Residential property - Stamp Duty Land Tax
taxTax Lady slapped with federal tax lien
taxIs a vote to eliminate tax breaks actually a tax hike?
taxIRS revokes status of Maryland nonprofits
taxHMRC manuals updated
taxHMRC chairman: HMRC has to balance collecting tax and closing the tax gap
taxAzerbaijan introduces a new tax return filling system
taxPark v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
taxElectronic Filing Continues to Be the Popular Choice for Canadians - CRA
taxCanada Tax: Tax court’s doors opened to disabled
taxIRS Pulls Nonprofit Status for Lamorinda Charities
taxHMRC to use internet bots in tax evasion battle
taxObama administration’s war on foreign tax havens
taxFederal excise tax, sales tax, income tax ordinances
taxWarning about superannuation contribution caps
taxeBay says federal sales tax would hurt small firms
taxAmericans Are Under-Taxed
taxContact IRS if you can't pay taxes
taxTime to be cautious on Qrops
taxRussian Tax: Online Tax Payment Service Makes Debut
taxTax increases, budget problems
taxAustralia Tax: ATO sets its sights on builders
taxIRS yanks exemption for groups
taxHMRC opens consultation on lower inheritance tax
taxHigher Taxes Simply Won't Solve the U.S. Revenue Problem
taxState sales tax snafu puts budgets in a bind
taxStates balance budgets with cuts, not taxes
taxBid to end tax subsidies for ethanol failed
taxGrassley Amendment Would Ban Federal Grants to Tax Delinquents
taxStop withholding small-business payments
taxAustralia Tax: ATO targets work-related tax deductions
taxIRS Offers Advice to Organizations That Have Lost Their Tax-Exempt Status
taxIRS Penalties Despite Reliance on Adviser
taxAustralia Tax: Plan for a good tax return
taxTexas OKs Internet tax
taxJohn Kasich's tax claim

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