Tax News 2011 June

taxLowering corporate tax rates: Race to the bottom
taxPersonal income tax phaseout
taxGreensboro Man Sentenced For Not Paying Payroll Taxes
taxKentucky will raise state gasoline tax
taxIncome tax hike still possible
taxLegislative showdown brewing over cigarette tax renewal
taxQuarter of Maine nonprofits lose tax-exempt status
taxStore coupons, manufacturing coupons and sales tax
taxCanada Tax: HST ballots in mail today
taxFlorida Tax: Corporate tax cheats cost Florida millions
taxCanada Tax: Ajax Manufacturer Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion
taxIowa Tax: No deal without property tax cut
tax2,000 West Virginia Nonprofits Lose Tax Status
taxPublic vote on tax extensions
taxSmall business job creation tax credit set to expire
taxEnterprise zone tax savings for businesses
taxLouisiana House panel passes state income tax cut
taxBribery to be classified as criminal offence under income tax law
taxMichigan income tax credits for donating to charities end
taxBachmann Favors National Sales Tax
taxTaxes, ethics trump gay marriage, rent in Albany
taxFailure to file tax forms leaves 51 Bay City nonprofits without tax-exempt status
taxCutting taxes to reduce the deficit? That's crazy
taxTrade Show Tax Tips
taxNew tax could be closer to final OK
taxEmployer Side Payroll Tax Cut
taxKansas Tax: Nonprofits lose tax-exempt status
taxAmazon Terminates Affiliates In Battle Over State Taxes
taxAustralia Tax: Luxury car tax
taxConnecticut More Reliant on Income Tax
taxOregon Senate sends estate tax revision back to House
taxIRS bearing down on Americans in Canada
taxTax havens, tracing black money
taxLimited company contractors told of HMRC consultation on lower inheritance tax
taxWisdom of tax cuts, reducing top income tax rate
taxIRS E-File: More Than 1 Billion Taxpayers Served Since 1986
taxOnline options for filing tax returns
taxTax returns
taxTaxes for a Civilized Society
taxIRS Revokes Charity Status
taxIRS to reward those with knowledge of homebuilder tax fraud scam
taxBuying IT before June 30? Think carefully
taxUK Tax: Taxman steps up scrutiny of online traders
taxLocal tax clinic receives federal grant monies
taxFederal Tax Ombudsman forms body
taxFederal, Sindh govts fail to evolve mechanism
taxUConn: State income tax hasn’t hurt job growth
taxCalifornia's Tax
taxJohnson: I’d abolish the IRS
taxHMRC robots seeking tax evaders online can target you
taxNonprofits succumb to new IRS rule
taxAustralia Tax: Mac, Linux users still miss out on E-tax
taxHMRC to target tutors, tradesmen and e-traders
taxHMRC to target tax evaders through the web
taxIncome Tax Expenditures and the Great State Budget Crunch
taxMining group releases new weapon in Australian carbon tax fight
taxATO tells tradies, flight attendants, real estate agents: we're coming for you
taxAustralia Tax Tips: 10 tax tips for saving on tax
taxGeneral anti-avoidance rule (GAAR)
taxFederal e-filing history now includes more than 1 billion taxpayers

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