Tax News 2011 June

taxIndia Tax: Income Tax Department Proposal
taxAustralia's mine tax will hurt us more
taxFor some, the anti-tax pledge is important
taxRally against sales tax
taxCorporate taxes and the location of intellectual property
taxHall County proposed tax increase
taxConsiderations for Roth redos
taxFrance Tax: Corporate tax rate not a taxing problem for France
taxPush for local tax vote control
taxJapan tax panel struggles with sales tax hike
taxTax cuts, end of estate tax among provisions favors wealthy
taxCalifornia not extending state taxes, votes to expand local tax power
taxAfghanistan Tax: Some Police Recruits Impose Islamic Tax on Afghans
taxFlaws of Tim Pawlenty’s tax cut plan
taxPaying double taxes
taxAppealing a tax valuation in York County?
taxBill that would ease local tax votes
taxRichest Americans get $1.4 million tax cut in new tax plan
taxIncome tax survey
tax5 Percent Growth Came After Tax Increases
taxTanzania Tax: Tanzania Will Discuss its Planned Super Tax
taxSarah Palin Emails Show Discord Over Oil Tax
taxSouth Korea ramps up efforts to detect offshore tax evaders
taxTax compliance bill drives expat to despair of US
taxSouth Africa Tax: More employers file tax returns
taxMonday at the Louisiana Legislature
taxUK tax is 7th highest in the world
taxHMRC accused of heavy handing SMEs
taxFSA warns consumers over pension loan schemes
taxIRS To Non-Profits: Do You Have A Pulse?
tax75 area organizations lose tax-exempt status
taxPicking a retirement plan when you're self-employed
taxTax fraud cases cause headaches
taxIRS Non-profits no longer tax-exempt
taxHMRC consults on inheritance tax change
taxFSA warning on pension loan schemes
taxIMA proposes local exemption to bypass FATCA tax
taxSeverance Tax On Coal Sold Out Of State
taxIllinois should rethink its higher corporate tax rate
taxHC rejects IT plea against Salman for alleged tax evasion
taxIncome tax rise call to raise uni funds
taxImproved Income Tax Collection Could be Complicated
taxIRS Revokes Status of Ohio Nonprofits
taxAdoption tax credit refunds dragging
taxIRS Pulls Exemptions for 43 Local Nonprofits
taxBridgeton low income taxpayer clinic receives federal grant
taxProposals to slash taxes
taxFIRS nets N406.80b non-oil revenue in Q1
taxHMRC will use web robot to find people who are trading without telling HMRC
taxDirect tax filing
taxWage, salary earners should not need tax agent
taxIRS Going After Fly-by-Night Tax Preparation Scammers
taxCanada Tax: False Losses or Expenses on Tax Return
taxNew senator pushes tax reform
taxTax reform? Yes. Chop middle class deductions? No way
taxFAIR Committee Studies Potential Tax Changes
taxForsaking middle to aid rich
taxGovernor expected to veto cigarette tax renewal
taxTribal gas tax exemption
taxTax Ombudsman sets up 28-member advisory committee

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