Tax News 2011 June

taxShoe tax demise has backers
taxTax reform keeps lobbyists busy
taxIndividual Tax
taxFrom IRS to Gay Couples
taxCanada Tax: Federal amendment allows B.C. HST cut
taxAU Tax: Brimbank workers slam measure to catch tax evaders
taxFBR agrees to make amendment in Sales Tax Act
taxCut corporate tax rate to 9%, raise taxes on the poor
taxStruggles to find compromise on tax hikes
taxPalin stood with Democrats over oil profits tax
tax$1.4 Million Tax Cut Given from Pawlenty to the Richest
taxBaltimore needs influx of residents to pay for property tax cut
taxState Senate Nixes Bridge Tax, Approves Local Authority Tax Bill
taxNew sales tax law prompts action by online retailer
taxProspect of a weakened IRS
taxAnother state tries to force Amazon to collect sales tax
taxHundreds Of Organizations Lose Tax Breaks
taxScotland Tax: Submit tax return on time or pay tax penalty
taxTaco shop agrees to pay state $400,000 in tax case
taxAustralia Tax: Labor out if carbon tax hits fuel
taxCanada Tax: Battle lines drawn over the HST
taxNo need to make tax evasion criminal offence
taxAlabama income tax hits early
taxCorporate tax loopholes hurt America
taxOnline tax will hurt business
taxNo need to make tax evasion a crime
taxSindh sets Rs500 million agriculture income tax target
taxSarkozy conned TDs over Lisbon and business tax
taxStates show no clear link between tax cuts, jobs
taxTax cuts turn 10; Employer payroll tax break?
taxPawlenty dances with the Tax Fairy
taxCorporations Using Tax Breaks for New Equipment and Profits, But Not Hiring
taxSindh govt sets a mere Rs 500m tax on agri income
taxHigher taxes don't make us a better people
taxTax cutting Fantasia
tax15 local charities lose tax-exempt status
taxGOP orthodoxy on tax increases challenged
taxDuPont pays no tax on $3B profit, and it's legal
taxHMRC accused of tax probes via back door
taxHMRC tax amnesties lead to investigations
taxIRA, Roth and 401(k) equity trading is tax-free
taxGroups on IRS list can get help
taxCalifornia Senate rejects extending state taxes, votes to expand local tax power
taxState to lose €100m in tax over civil partnership
taxNew Minnesota senator pushes tax reform
taxTax collection target unrealistic - ICCI
taxCanada Tax: Debate on corporate taxes is not over
taxAnother Ban on State Taxes in Tobacco War
taxGeorgia tax reform
tax46 Non-Profits Lose Tax Exemptions In Glendora
taxAussie Tax: Pensioners get payment boost under carbon tax
tax160+ LULAC councils lose tax-exempt status
taxCigarette tax fight
taxTax hike is needed for community
taxInvesting in Gold: Sales tax for coins and bullion
taxGeneral excise tax license required for business activity
taxMurray County commission candidate Q&A
taxFlorida corporate tax repeal
taxIRS Apologizes to 300 California Gay & Lesbian Taxpayers
taxThousands of New Jersey groups stripped of tax-exempt status

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