Tax News 2011 June

taxWhy raising the federal gas tax is smart
taxUnited in corporate tax heaven
taxTax transactions, not corporate income
taxBlack money: New panel to trace tax defaulters
taxThe real victims of a severance tax
taxHST war could mark the end of tax cuts
taxMichigan Enacts Corporate Income Tax, Replacing Michigan Business Tax
taxIncreases exemptions to TN's Hall income tax
taxState good at being bad for business
taxProtecting super-rich the American way
taxCalifornia Democrats set stage for budget fight
taxAppeal about state cigarette tax
taxSimplify Corporate Taxes
taxSchools, business tax breaks a sticking point
taxLorain schools considering income tax
taxIncluding Bush tax cuts, Pawlenty's tax plan would cost $10 trillion by 2021
taxAmazon tax takes Texas in the wrong direction
taxDivide On Tax Extensions Grows
taxBusiness Owners Chafe At Soda Tax
taxCME Group threatens to leave Illinois over taxes
taxReady for another Arizona corporate tax cut?
taxHealthcare Tax Credits
taxEconomists, too, possess concerns with tax law drafting
taxJapan To See Hike in Sales Tax Rate
taxTim Pawlenty Plays Fantasy Tax Policy
taxPayroll-Tax Break Said to Be Discussed by Obama Aides Amid Slowing Economy
taxHappy 10th Birthday, Bush Tax Cuts!
taxBasketing and Corporate Tax Shelters
taxHarvest Brewing owner fined, jailed for not filing tax returns
taxGeorgia State revenue up slightly in May
taxAtlas Air Will Keep Headquarters, More Than 500 Jobs, in Purchase
taxDoes Taxing Inheritance Harm Growth?
taxMedicare, Taxes
taxFinMin mulls third-party help to trace tax evaders
taxMilwaukee court commissioner charged with tax fraud
taxWill California Internet Sales Tax Hurt Your Business?
taxTim Pawlenty Goes Big On Tax Cuts
taxSome Millionaires Want to Pay More Tax
taxSanders: No Budget Without Tax Increase on Wealthy
taxOnline Retailers Fight Sales Tax Laws
taxMend or End tax credits
taxAgema bill would shift some sales tax revenue to airports
taxSenators want to stamp out shoe tax
taxPressure builds in Pennsylvania for movement on a shale tax
taxRaise federal gas tax to curb carbon emissions?
taxEvan Knoll to face federal fraud charges in alleged tax scam
taxKilling Refundable Tax Credits
taxPall reports strong earnings, IRS completes audits
taxLawsuit challenges transfer of Oklahoma fuel taxes
taxWealthy Vermonters Drive State Revenues
taxHMRC launches Scottish restaurant tax avoidance crackdown
taxHMRC to draft gateway test for IR35
taxHow to protect your cash in a Spanish bank on death
taxUK family businesses unaware of tax exposure
taxSNK eTax launches to compute & file tax online
taxJacoby warns of tax proposal
taxHMRC staff investigated for deliberate data breaches
taxTo be fair, have all pay taxes
taxHow to lasso a tax efficient plan
taxCrime investigations launched from tax amnesties

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