Tax News 2011 June

taxIRS lax in checking auto buying deductions
taxFake tax returns seek real tax refunds
taxForking out too much tax on farm property?
taxIRS tips on how to avoid making mistakes with VCP submissions
taxMake the right moves with inherited stocks
taxRedevelopment could get boost from Illinois tax credit
taxHart taking tax case to Idaho Supreme Court
taxFamily trusts
taxATO puts shady claims under the microscope
taxTax Accountant stole $9M with false tax returns
taxIRS Issues Guidance for Charities
taxIRS Ends Exemptions For 275,000 Nonprofits
taxIRS commissioner says House budget would increase deficit
taxDuo accused using energy tax credits to defraud IRS
taxFBR to collect tax from celebrities to meet tax revenue target
taxTax collection may fall short of target
taxThe regressive Nixon-Obama tax hike
taxNew taxes drive exploration offshore
taxOECD targets offshore tax avoidance
taxIRS Goes Gentler In Offshore Voluntary Disclosure
taxOffshore Tax Avoidance Issue
taxOffshore profits and infrastructure
taxGovernments heap more pressure on offshore banks
taxBusiness' payroll, land tax pleas ignored
taxMan gives back state tax rebates
taxState tax to burden New England electricity rates
taxCalifornia publishes list of tax dodgers
taxTexas Tax: State tax revenue up 9.9 percent
taxCanada Tax: Auto repair shop fined for tax evasion
taxSaskatoon business owner faces jail for not filing taxes
taxPayments to building contractors tax obligations
taxAustralia Tax Tips
taxState can collect cigarette tax on American Indian reservations
taxMaryland 12th highest taxed state, counts taxes paid to other states
taxNYS can collect cigarette taxes
taxMarriage Trap on joint tax return
taxOregon inheritance tax won't be nation's highest
taxHow to choose an inheritance tax investment
taxLiechtenstein tax amnesty
tax2011 Roth IRA Conversion Rules
taxHMRC inheritance tax
taxIRS grants to tax assistance volunteers
taxIRS Allowed $151M+ in Excessive Vehicle Deductions
taxCanada Tax: Tax partner jailed for fraudulent tax returns
taxIRS: 275,000 Organizations Automatically Lost Tax-Exempt Status
taxIRS Enforcement Against Overseas Bank
taxCigarette taxes lifted
tax7 Bad Excuses For Not Saving For Retirement
tax3 Ways to Shelter Your Cash from Inflation
taxTax Preparer Sentenced to 3 Years for Charitable Donations Scheme
taxTax Tips: Protecting yourself in a divorce
taxState sales tax could drop on July 1
taxKick-Start Your Kid’s Retirement Fund With a Roth IRA
taxCambridge to offset federal gay marriage tax for city employees
taxReport shows strong revenue growth
taxBush Tax Cuts
taxCollecting Taxes On Cigarettes Sold To Non-Natives
taxOne-dollar hike in federal gas tax?
taxTransparency in Private Collection of Federal Taxes
taxWaiting on Another Federal Stimulus Check?

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