Tax News 2011 June

taxAustralia Tax: ATO plans GST compliance blitz
taxCanada Tax: North Sea tax tweak stirs little interest
taxBush tax cuts turn 10
taxMagee surveys secret to property wealth
taxMichigan pension tax change takes toll on retirees
taxBrown says budget reforms are near
taxIRS: Billionaire Carl Berg Understated Business Income By $110 Million
taxIRS Seeks Information on Tax Evasion in Offshore Accounts
taxIRS Hunt for Tax Cheats Affects Canadian Banks
taxGM CEO Wants $1 Federal Gas Tax Hike
taxGroups push for end to Bush tax cuts
taxCanada Post mail delivery to CRA and other government offices during strike
taxRockaway woman suing state over lottery tax
taxCalifornia Internet Tax Would Hit Small Business
taxFederal Agencies Put More Heat on Offshore Tax Havens
taxU.S. wants new incentives for low income investing
taxThe Tories’ high-tax plan
taxGM CEO: Raise Taxes On Gasoline
taxReal budget surprise comes when program cuts hit
taxAmid Deficit, A Look Back At Bush's Surplus, Tax Cuts
taxHouse price uncertainty prompts tax investigations
taxMerseyside HMRC tax staff set to strike in sick day row
taxATO delivers blow to Coalition’s super plans
taxOswal assets freeze extended
taxIf taxes go through, businesses will suffer, resulting in less tax revenue
taxGM's Akerson pushing for higher gas taxes
taxCredit shelter trust worth consideration
taxAmazon holding out against state sales tax
taxIncome tax repeal on agenda
taxBrazil Tax: Govt rejects Aesbe's bid for federal tax cut on sanitation projects
taxHow to Prepare for an IRS Employment Tax Compliance Audit
taxPensioner loses life savings in Australian Tax Office scam
taxAustralia Tax: Tax Office learns from students
taxMPAs, MNAs served with income tax notices: FBR official
taxThe Questionable Tax Martyrdom of the Super-Rich
taxTrawling for more taxes in muddy waters
taxCanada Tax: Small business priorities addressed
taxCanada Tax: No New Tax Measures
taxGovernment to reduce import tariffs for industrial sectors
taxHISD tax hike, lawsuit against the state on the table
taxCorporate Tax Hearing Shows Obstacles to Reform
taxPawlenty Calls for Greater Tax and Spending Cuts
taxExtending current sales and vehicle tax rates
taxWhat the GOP didn’t learn from the Bush tax cuts
taxAT&T has to track down $1 billion in data tax case
taxInheritance Tax: Top 1.5 pct. took more than half of all inheritance
taxIn 2010-11, 16,000 estates paid inheritance tax
taxPensions, inheritance tax and junior ISAs
taxNo need to add another layer of tax
taxFamily businesses unaware of tax liabilities
taxInheritance Tax on Property
taxRichmond voters rejecting sales tax increase
taxAmazon tells shareholders it will stand firm on sales taxes
taxDelayed tax returns
taxState Senate approves Detroit's higher income, utility taxes
taxEU Says Germany Should Cut Taxes for Medium-Income Earners
taxGovernment Wants To Boost Incentives For Low-Income Investing
taxWhy U.S. States Desperately Need an Internet Sales Tax
taxCampaign against controversial harmonized sales tax
taxTime to End Wasteful Corporate Tax

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