Tax News 2011 June

taxD.C.’s business tax hike is a big mistake
taxBusiness stunned by tax bill changes
taxFor Web purchases, the taxman looks at where the item goes
taxBill to give local governments authority to raise taxes shakes business community
taxWorld's airlines slash profit forecasts as UK branded a tax bandit
taxAssembly legislators agree to four tax extensions
taxHouston paying now for past bonds, tax cuts
taxWhy FBR has failed to raise the tax to GDP ratio
taxTough decisions needed to spur New Mexico's economy
taxRefund of tax deducted at source
taxSnyder asks supreme court for opinion on pension taxes
taxCarbon pricing deal within weeks
taxThe business tax hike will keep D.C. vibrant
taxCases of taxpayers hiding real income to be referred to NAB
taxMajor tax law changes
taxEconomic development bills clear Delaware House panel
taxLevin Warns Republican Tax Blindfold Would Hurt Families
taxIndiana economic outlook improves although gaming revenues down
taxTax change is good for West Michigan farmers
taxBill to Repeal Tanning Tax
taxAustralia Tax: backlash on carbon tax
taxInternet sales tax dollars elude West Virginia, states
taxBattle Lines Drawn as Leaders Announce Deal on Tax Cap
taxWesley Snipes Latest Income Tax Evasion Appeal Denied
taxObama instigates class envy, calls for big tax cuts
taxMichigan approves Detroit population, tax bills
taxAdele's Tax Rant Sparks Online Backlash
taxPawlenty blisters Obama, pitches tax cuts in Chicago speech
taxFive Progressive Tax Increases
tax70 Years Later, Pennsylvanians Still Paying Johnstown Flood Tax
taxIsrael's Missing Billions - aggressive tax planning and corporate social responsibility
taxWe must raise taxes, even on the middle class
taxTax Efficient Bond Investing
taxTell the tax man and avoid trouble down the track
taxNew Markets Tax Credit May be Overhauled
taxIRS extends Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI) deadline
taxTax credits for summer camp
taxBridgewater State University foundation ordered to pay taxes
taxWill HMRC's inheritance valuations affect limited company contractors?
taxHMRC targets inheritance tax valuations
taxCalifornia State Assembly Passes Online Sales Tax Bill
taxDonations on Tax Returns
taxIRS investigates Jefferson County sewer bonds' tax-exempt status
taxIRS Extends The ‘Firm’ Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Deadline
taxBill to phase out state income tax will be debated
taxState can't seem to let sun set on taxes
taxColorado regulators cut taxes on casinos
taxATO crackdown on directors fees
taxFBAR deadline looms no extensions allowed
taxHMRC investigating property valuations
taxFlatten tax code
taxHMRC tax crackdown: time fades for offshore accounts
taxKeep up with the taxman
taxHMRC targets your friends with offshore money
taxAxing small state tax breaks supported by range of groups
taxCounty to ask state for authority to raise sales tax
taxFormer State Rep. Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion
taxFinancial Planning
taxHMRC closes in on 500,000 offshore account holders

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