Tax News 2011 June

taxTeresi Confirms Trust In Tax Cap
taxProtestors Target Apple Tax Practices
taxRed Lion schools adopt budget with no tax increase
taxIRS Mines Real Estate Deeds To Collect Gift Tax
taxLouisiana delays consideration of retirement hike
taxLouisiana Gov. Jindal should not veto 4-cent tobacco tax
taxWhy death of Michigan Business Tax is not a giveaway to big corporations
taxPakistan aims to collect more taxes
taxTax books
taxNevada businesses may get small tax windfall
taxThe President's Low-Tax
taxStory of Tax Lady holds a lesson
taxIRS Suggests Changes to Widen Use of Anti-Poverty Tax Break
taxCut Spending + Raise Taxes = Budget Problem Solved? It's Not That Easy
taxAuckland builder admits 121 tax evasion charges
taxAICPA Urges Repeal of 3% Tax Withholding Rule
taxA word from the IRS
taxDividends payment
taxTax advice
taxFitch Rates DASNY's $684MM PIT Bonds 'AA'; Outlook Positive
taxFree Advice for People Who Make Their Livings At Home or Remotely
taxProposed tax change gets record feedback
taxJobs-taxes debate
taxDouble Tax Bills Sent to Some
taxAmerica's Corporate Tax Fiasco
taxGOP plan cuts tax rate, sends more to CMS
taxState Assembly votes to give film tax credit program five more years
taxSubaru one step closer to tax abatement
taxSmall business tax incentives discourage growth
taxSri Lanka Tax: Tax benefits for agri, fisheries sectors
taxIsrael Tax: Tax breaks for returning residents
taxWhat more could Obama have done?
taxUK Tax: New tax on French holiday homes
taxInternet sales tax bill advances in California
taxPerry vetoes online sales tax bill
taxJapan Tax: 2-step plan for sales tax: 1st jump to 8% in 2012
taxSales Tax Break on Solar Energy Installations
taxNo Sales Tax for Amazon in South Carolina
taxEvidence lacking that sales tax hurt economy
taxHMRC to root out tax agent fraud
tax6 most common tax screw-ups that will attract unwanted ATO attention
taxWhen trading gains become biz income
taxIRS: Making documentaries is a hobby
taxIRS Offers Tax Tips to Small Businesses, Self-Employed
taxCons masked as IRS steal taxpayers' info
taxEnergy credits prove troubling for the IRS
taxIRS To Let Some Bow Out Of Swiss Account Disclosure Program
taxHandling New IRS Foreign Reporting Requirements
taxIRS Looks for Continuing Education Vendors
taxMiddle ground on state cigarette taxes
taxAs debt ceiling test-vote fails, GOP, Democrats dig into entrenched positions
taxLower tax rate and less complexity trump incentives, execs tell House taxwriters
taxFBAR filings extended for certain individuals with signature authority
taxSouth African transfer pricing, VAT and customs issues
taxAustria Tax: Real Estate Transfer Tax planning
taxEuropean Union Tax: German Trade Tax rules on interest payments
taxGermany Tax: Draft guidance issued on reorganizations under Reorganization Tax Act
taxThailand: Tax incentives granted to International Procurement Centers
taxItaly Tax: Tax authorities supplement guidance on CFC rules
taxNew York Tax: Interior Decorating and Design Services

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