Tax News 2011 June

taxTax dispute plagues U.S. debt limit fight
taxAmazon’s tax battle with California
taxGroups debate pros, cons of property tax cap
taxLouisiana Senate committee approves tobacco tax renewal
taxTax subsidies at GE, Boeing and FedEx targeted by D.C. group
taxS.C. legislators give final OK to Amazon sales-tax deal
taxTax cap opponents put up their Hail Mary attempt
taxValueAppeal raises $1.6M for property tax appeal service
taxEnding the Gay Health Care Tax
taxArizona sales-tax increase falling short
taxTax rate you should care about most
taxLocal officials relieved as income tax fund survives
taxPMA Sues State of Illinois over Affiliate Nexus Sales-Tax Law
taxLa. budget committee sends income tax repeal to Senate floor
taxR.I.’s Governor Chafee pushes for sales-tax overhaul
taxTax cap opponents make their case
taxShould They Just Call It Tax-Adelphia?
taxNevada's budget deal
taxImproved Tax Collections Can’t Keep Pace With States’ Fiscal Needs
taxVoter support for Brown’s taxes still below 50%
taxCalifornia voters back Brown on tax ballot
taxNutter pitches more taxes to aid schools
taxPhiladelphia wage-tax revenue at highest since 2008
taxRepublicans get their way, mostly, in final budget
taxOver G.M.’s Objections, Dealers Sell Used Chevy Volts Without $7,500 Tax Credit
taxCalifornia Assembly OKs bill to tax online retailers
taxCommunities waiting to see if Ohio death tax gets buried
taxNutter Takes Hit For Tax Hike Proposals
taxWhat's fair: Lower taxes for state's motorists
taxTax Cuts, Loopholes, and Government Size
taxObama and the Coming World Tax Organization
taxBid to Extend Washington State Tax Break Fails
taxAdministration Abandons Tax Injunction Act Defense of Individual Mandate
taxRevising Business and Tax Forms
taxWhere's my $65,000 tax refund?
taxThomson Reuters to Acquire Manatron
taxMunicipal Bonds Likely to Remain Tax-Exempt
taxScarsdale Residents Take Tax Cap Issue To Albany
taxIL Affiliate Tax Being Challenged As CA Pass it
taxSnyder asks Supreme Court to protect new tax on pensions
taxMichigan seniors plotting costs of pension income tax
taxRoswell picks streets, parks over tax cut
taxCigarette tax sent to Jindal
taxNorquist's Taxpayer Protection Pledge Is the Height of Fiscal Irresponsibility
taxSome Volt dealers take tax credit for themselves
taxSingle-payer health care would save tax money
taxAdvocacy Group Targets Apple as a Tax cheater
taxE-filing and ID theft aren't linked, IRS says
taxBruce wins first round in fight against tax-evasion charges
taxRep. Levin Warns on Cutting Top Tax Rate
taxExecs would give up tax breaks for lower corporate rate
taxNutter pushes soda tax or property-tax hike for schools
taxAmazon May Soon Need to Collect Sales Tax
taxDelaware House clears tax cut package from Gov. Jack Markell
taxRetailers welcome approval of sales-tax holiday
taxHungary to carve flat income tax into cardinal law
taxPileggi proposes severance tax to help seniors
taxObama Won't Extend Bush Tax Cuts Again
taxA Gay Couple’s Tax Predicament
taxCorporations Get Tax Refunds, the Wealthy Get Tax Breaks

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