Tax News 2011 July

taxSome Swiss Banks Are Blocking Access to Offshore Accounts
taxGlobal Tax Resolution: U.S. Government Engages in Resolution to Prevent Undisclosed Offshore Accounts
taxTax Tips From San Diego Tax Attorney: Handling Your Foreign Income
taxTax holiday
taxBlumenthal v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
taxUkraine Tax: State Losses From Tax-Free Importation Of Oil By Livela At UAH 2.9 Billion
taxUK VAT: HMRC to target 40,000 firms in VAT clampdown
taxBacking away from tax the rich plan
taxPaschall v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
taxRevenue Raisers That Aren’t Tax Increases
taxUK Tax: HMRC calls time on tax evasion
taxWhy New PAYE Umbrella Contractors Should Check Their Tax Affairs This Year
taxFarWest Steel lands $38M tax credit
taxUK Tax: HMRC advice on recent tax legislation
taxUK VAT: HMRC launches VAT initiative
taxUK Tax: Pay as you earn - when the taxman calls
taxCalgary’s North Sea energy producers lukewarm on tax break
taxBulgaria Tax: Where taxes are so low, some people might actually pay
taxSimpler tax code would boost federal revenue
taxHMRC targets UUTs in tax loophole purge
taxState warns businesses about Amazon tax
taxCalifornians celebrate freedom from higher taxes
taxLast chance tax breaks for parents and homeowners
taxPlease, No More Payroll Tax Holidays
taxHedge Fund Tax Advocates Are Fooling Themselves
taxWhite House says tax hikes can pass Congress
taxObama Tax Hikes Will Kill Jobs
taxAnnual Sales Tax Holiday Approaching
taxStark County denies tax break for oil-based business
taxObama to Meet Congress on Tax and Debt Limit Deal
taxIncome tax collection agency visiting area businesses
taxWhy Cutting the Corporate Tax Rate is More Absurd Than Not Cutting Spending
taxHeritage quiz to celebrate 150 yrs of Income Tax dept
taxTax break for business might bolster dollar
taxCalgary Tax: City business tax to be phased out
taxHST (Harmonized Sales Tax) - PST (Provincial Sales Tax)
taxPresident’s tax-the-rich plans hit hard close to home
taxHidden Tax Cut in State Budget
taxCalifornia Republicans win tax argument
taxTen years of tax cuts and hollow promises
taxYavapai County approves budget, tax cut
taxFlat tax isn't necessarily the best option for U.S.
taxNo Time Limit on Excise Tax on Abusive Roth IRA
taxCommittee To Review Impact Of State Tax Cap
taxCuomo in Irondequoit to sign tax cap law
taxUK Tax: VAT cheats face HMRC crackdown
taxLarge businesses say HMRC could do more to improve service
taxCollection of tax debts via PAYE codes
taxFUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax) Rate Reduced to 0.6% as of 01 July 2021
taxAustralia Tax: Will Australia Get A Carbon tax in 2011?
taxCarbon taxes around the world
taxLap Dance Tax v Amazon Tax
taxTax discussion
taxUS corporate tax breaks
taxA simpler, flatter tax system
taxState Corporate Net Income Tax to Drop
taxPataskala income tax collections exceed expectations
taxArizona use tax obligations
taxIRS Reaches Agreement Regarding Millennium Multiple Employer Welfare Benefit Plan
taxPennsylvania Revenue Department Releases Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Collections

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