Tax News 2011 July

taxChina Tax: Income Tax and Public Opinion
taxNew York property tax cap may hit cash-poor cities
taxAmazon Tax
taxEstate Tax
taxDeKalb wins tax battle
taxInternet Sales Tax Collection Gaining Momentum
taxAustralia Tax: Businesses may struggle with carbon tax
taxGCC expats could be liable for UK income tax
taxOnly 4 Percent are Delinquent on County Drink Tax
taxHST - Harmonized Sales Tax
taxIndia Tax: E-filing of income tax returns - How to do it?
taxGreece Tax: Greek Opposition Slams Tax Rises
taxTwo Sacramento Tax Firms Merge to Form Region's 6th Largest Independent Tax Firm
taxCorporate tax holiday
taxTaxation regime reformed for capital markets
taxWe need to cut spending, raise revenue, invest in creating jobs
taxPhilippines Tax: Solons eye income tax for lottery wins
taxAppliance installation sales tax
taxSavannah-Chatham schools seeking another education sales tax
taxMumbai Income Tax Dept. to collect 17% more corporate tax this year
taxChina Tax: Income tax draft is welcome
taxClinton: America’s Corporate Tax Rates Are So High They’re Uncompetitive
taxBusiness to learn fate under carbon tax on July 10
taxTaxation Q&A
taxAustralia Tax: Tony Windsor ready to back PM's carbon tax bill
taxWeb retailers end some California relationships
taxLow tax America
taxSwitzerland Tax: Rich set to pay more tax
taxSwitzerland Tax: Swiss Cantons battle to save rich tax
taxSwitzerland Tax: Lump-sum taxation
taxReal patriots pay taxes
taxSwiss Tax: Swiss in US angered by bank tactics
taxTax Havens: ICAI sets up expert group on black money
taxTax havens: FDI from Mauritius, Cyprus drops
taxAustralian tax office takes aim at foreign companies on tax avoidance
taxSt. Paul balks at stadium tax
taxIf approved, ticket tax would vary each year
taxNew Jersey Education Association’s (NJEA) Tax Lien Troubles
taxAfrican countries to begin tax treaty discussions to help tackle big business tax dodging
taxStark sales tax has expired but some stores still charging it
taxSales tax, term limits on tap
taxGOP firm on no tax increase
taxH-share investors in HK to pay 10 pct dividend tax
taxErrant Taxation
taxAlternatives to movie incentives aim to keep Michigan competitive
taxAustralia Tax: Small business gets fuel break under carbon tax
taxAustralia Tax: Setting up your business structure
taxCorporate Cash Con
taxWhy you should bet on stocks of companies that pay high taxes
taxLocal shoppers hunt for sales tax bargains
taxMichele Bachmann Praises One Year Income Tax Moratorium
taxBush tax cuts fall short
taxTax Breaks on Corporate Jets
taxGrover Norquist's Anti-Tax Pledge
taxCorporate jet tax hike nonnegotiable?
taxScam Artists Often Disguise Their Hooks As IRS Correspondence
taxNew Zealand Tax: Taxman's intelligence reaping returns
taxMichigan Drinkers, Smokers Could Get a Tax Break
taxAustralia Tax: Taxman fires on phoenix
taxBid to tax Web sales fizzles even as Massachusetts retailers seek change

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