Tax News 2011 April

taxSan Fransisco draws Twitter, Zynga to tax council
taxHopewell households could see 1.9 cent increase in local tax rate
taxAs Tax Day Nears, Local Accountants Can Help
taxMiddle class areas pay a third more in council tax but receive hundreds of pounds less per head for services
taxMaryland Tax: Free Tax Help at Local Comptroller Branch Offices
taxBill to allow vote on raising city sales tax
taxWould voters raise their sales tax?
taxSeabrook sales tax revenue for April
taxMarmaduke considers sales tax
taxTax breaks for the wealthy
taxEmployment Taxes
taxTax Man Cometh
taxTax Freedom Day
taxDon't mess with tax deductions - eliminate them
taxPrepare For Tax Season
taxAAR to take up Vodafone plea on tax liability in Essar deal
taxLegal Tax Loophole for Income Investors
taxAndroid Tax Apps
taxRisky Tax Return Moves
taxMaking tax haven hidden income permanently non-taxable
taxSan Francisco grants Twitter a payroll tax break
taxDivorce and Taxes
taxUK Financial planning
taxState Senate rejects bid to allow cities to raise local sales taxes
taxTax panel opposes Maine governor on local funding
taxLocal tax service owner faces new charges
tax6 ways to cut your tax bill now
taxAccountant in Orlando Serves Area Taxpayers
taxTax Tips
taxTax filing season Q&A
taxNevada seeks slicing mining industry’s tax deductions
taxIRS fails to provide tax refund for first-time homebuyer, casts doubt on tax credit system
taxLower tax rate in lieu of tax holidays mulled
taxBig Investors in Indonesia to Get Tax Breaks
taxState to offer sales tax holiday on some Energy Star appliances
taxThailand approves tax break
taxCapiz holiday extends tax deadline to April 18
taxDauphin County sales tax better than bankruptcy
taxStock option tax
taxTax Freedom Day tax burden
taxSNP's unfair local income tax scheme
taxUsing gimmicks to reduce tax levy
taxTax Time: Local Resources to Get You through Tax Day
taxAnother year, no local tax
taxWest Deptford Taxes Going Down
taxCorporation tax
taxTax Freedom Day a Reminder of the Value of Shared Investments
taxHealth care tax hurts local business
taxIncome tax return questions
taxA tithe instead of a tax
taxIRS Hands Out First Whistleblower Award For Reporting Tax Fraud
taxSlovakia Tax: Coalition agrees tax reform plan
taxIsrael Tax: gas tax revenues on the rise
taxSales tax gets vacation
taxTaxes due despite shutdown
taxSame-sex married couples face complicated tax issues, new tax laws
taxTax Planning: Planning makes tax year less painful
taxWe pay our fair share of taxes, why don’t corporations?
tax7 tax tips for last-minute tax filers
taxNew Zealand Tax: NZ Reduces Tax Rates for RSE Workers

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