Tax News 2011 April

taxHerrera calls for local tax summit
taxCouncil tax has shot up since Assembly began
taxSt. Louis voters approve earnings tax
taxMutual fund investors’ tax holiday is ending
taxTake advantage of a tricky tax system
taxTax Deductions
taxThe Adoption Tax Credit
taxLast Minute Tax Questions
taxTop 10 Worst Tax Avoidance Corporations
taxFiscal Decentralization and Local Tax Effort
taxTax seminars planned for business owners
taxSave the HST lessen tax shift from business to consumer
taxBelieve tax myths, pay the price
taxBusiness leaders hear case for Lynn Haven tax referendum
taxScrapping of tax perk for US firms eyed
taxNew York Shoppers Enjoy New Tax Holiday
taxIndonesia Tax: $6b Krakatau Deal at Stake
taxTax Day 2011
taxTax tips may help small businesses
taxLate changes to IRS rules make things extra complicated for tax preparers
taxEarn 38 free FarmVille Farm Cash through Turbo Tax promotion
taxInvestment in Indonesian steel industry at stake over tax holiday
taxTax refund: spend or save?
taxNew Zealand Tax: Non-compliant taxpayers
taxSmall businesses weren’t to blame for tax gap
taxTax cuts
taxJ&K LC sent two bills of Municipal tax
taxSales Tax: All things local
taxDon't repeal Ohio tax on estates
taxSales tax in Myrtle Beach area
taxTax loophole too high a price for Amazon
taxHigh Corporate Tax Rates Slow Down Job Growth
taxGeneral Electric's tax bill - and yours
taxTax cuts widened states' deficits
taxTax dodgers
taxYorkville to vote on sales tax hike
taxExporters: Withholding tax reduced from 3.5 to 1 per cent
taxBusiness groups hold onto hope for contractor tax repeal
taxMassachusetts Tax collections up 9.2 percent over last year
taxDo not underestimate IRS’s new foreign tax rules
taxTax on middlemen opposed by growers, agents
taxPaladino proposes tax protest
taxHarper to announce physical fitness tax credit
taxLake's tax rate inflation
taxAre quick tax refund loans fading away for consumers?
taxIRS eases tax debt policies
taxVirginia Income Tax: Land preservation tax credits for individuals and corporations
taxAlternative Minimum Tax
taxWest Milford council comes out with flat tax rate proposal
taxAlex Salmond tax cover-up
taxWe don’t have tax loopholes, we have tax incentives
taxCut corporate tax rates
taxRockford's One Percent Sales Tax to be Voted
taxQuebec HST accord by Sept. 15
taxLevel field on sales tax
taxDonations: How To Maximize Your Deduction
taxDealmakers favor U.S. tax holiday
taxRepatriation Tax Holiday Is a Terrible Idea
taxBusiness groups hold onto hope for contractor tax repeal
taxRoth IRA contributions can be tricky

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