Tax News 2011 April

taxTax Matters for Developing Countries
taxThe Conservative Big Lie about Corporate Taxes
taxIf You Don’t Tax Them, They Will Come
taxFlorida governments not holding line on tax rates
taxWisconsin tax burden down 9% since 1985
taxAs individuals paid more, corporate tax burden in California declined
taxCorporate Tax Rate to Fall 2%
taxNorth Dakota House / Senate Pass Personal, Corporate Income Tax Cuts
taxMorocco: High Corporate Tax Rates Impede Job Creation
taxCorporate Tax Cuts Not Expected... Yet
taxGOP Congressman Calls For Ending Corporate Tax Loopholes And Billions In Subsidies To Big Oil
taxAn ailing Ireland's lessons for Canada
taxScott pushes tax cuts; warns against special interest hijackers
taxTax breaks for Hasbro could mean hundreds of Rhode Island jobs
taxNorth Dakota property, income tax cuts lumped into 1 bill
taxIncome tax, Gift tax and Estate tax planning have taken on a new level of importance
taxTax and estate planning
taxSales Tax Bill Denounced As Ruinous To Government, Transit
taxRI Gov. continues push for sales tax expansion
taxResistance builds to proposal to suspend Texas' sales tax holiday
taxGovernment reform panel examines proposal to hike sales tax to 15%
taxSales Tax Proposal Returns
taxIndependence tax oversight committees to present reports
tax10 percent sports memorabilia tax would yield $17.6 million a year
taxThe basics on the Corvallis’ proposed tax levy
taxNonprofits Increasingly Pay Local and State Taxes
taxU.S. attorney: Bloomfield tax preparer filed false deductions
taxTwitter Says It Will Stick With San Francisco
taxInvestment moves on Tax Freedom Day
taxHistory is given for tax dispute
taxFormer Lower Swatara tax collector stole $225,000
taxNorth Dakota House and Senate pass $500 million tax bill
taxDon't let the tax tail wag the dog
taxAccounting Ignorance or Tax Fraud?
taxTax law and accounting
taxTax relief
taxFBR fails to recover Rs29b
taxAmericans getting bigger tax refunds
taxBanks did not deposit Rs13 bn tax money in govt account
taxLifting the corporate veil for checking tax avoidance
taxInvestor confidence may increase
taxMajor Swiss Tax Changes Threaten Private Banks
taxWhat Every Registered Domestic Partner in Washington State Needs to Know
taxCoburn Downplays Possibility of Tax Hikes
taxBeyonce Knowles' Dad Slapped With Tax Lien
taxHow Your Tax Refund is Making You Poorer
taxCoburn Rules Out Tax Hikes
taxTax troubles add to luxury agent’s woes
taxArizona lawmakers OK revised tuition tax credit bill
taxTax records: Save them or shred them?
taxChafee’s tax plan has look-alike in Connecticut
taxHasbro seeks Rhode Island tax break for expansion
taxBlixseth Fights Bankruptcy After Striking Tax Settlements
taxWashington bills ending tax breaks to get 1st hearing
taxChina strives to improve people's livelihood via personal income tax
taxTake Steps To Better Calculate Your Tax Liability
taxPersonal income taxes go up as they come down
taxND Dems Take Issue with Tax Relief Package
taxTrack State's Incoming Tax Revenue at Controller's Web Site
taxAnti-tax group swarms meeting on Virginia Beach budget

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