Tax News 2011 April

taxTax deadline extended in counties declared disaster areas
taxMissing deadlines is costly
taxGrading the IRS on its game
taxIt's easy to say we are overtaxed
taxKansas House GOP leaders still seek income tax cuts
taxLocal advocate backs U.S. consumption tax
taxTax the rich rhetoric busted
taxRI governor takes tax plan directly to businesses
taxEstate tax repeal, other cuts would devastate
taxNebraska bill would expand county sales tax options
taxProposed Connecticut alcohol tax hike raising concerns
taxArmenian businessmen critical of IMF official
taxRevenue to target tax of global giants
taxWhy Don't Tax Havens Become Industrial Powerhouses
taxFairness and Efficiency in Taxation
taxStates use variety of fixes to balance their budgets
taxThe Bipartisan March to Fiscal Madness
taxTop Five Corporate Tax Cheats
taxVoters Tell Republican Corporate Shills "Let Them Leave"
taxHow should we determine corporate tax rates?
taxShould the corporate income tax rate be cut?
taxFlorida House speaker: No guarantee of on-time finish
taxTax Reforms Must Be On Both Corporate and Individual Income
taxTax Cuts Vote
taxCorporations Evade Taxes
taxWashington bills ending tax breaks to get 1st hearing
taxND House approves $489M tax reduction bill
taxAffiliate marketers may be collateral damage in Amazon's Texas sales tax fight
taxChamber opposes bill to repeal sales-tax exemption
taxCampaign for Georgia transportation tax
taxLocal governments in limbo regarding Verizon tax request
tax17% ST imposed on import, local supply of different fertilisers
tax£8m owed in council tax
taxPerplexing case of the muffin tax
taxTax return mailed? What if you made a mistake?
taxOklahoma House passes income tax compliance bill
taxTax consequences for married couple with more than one primary residence
taxEstate planning
taxPeople with shares abroad 'due tax return'
taxCity council supports tax credits for KAH upgrade
taxFair tax system will restore nation's solvency
taxAndover mayor pays tax bill
taxUS tax inspectors set to crackdown on expat tax filing
taxRepublicans Have No Tax Policy, That's Why They Win
taxPre-Fascist Italy: Tax and Borrow and Spend
taxTax Credits Only or Die?
taxTax Expenditures are not Loopholes
taxBP Cut Tax Bill by $13B Due to Losses From Spill
taxTax on electric cars because they don’t burn enough gas?
taxRepublicans Need A Modified Tax Message
taxChina lawmakers put personal income tax plan on hold
taxCalifornia Collecting Tax Dollars
taxBrooksville man accused of stealing date's tax refund
taxMichigan's budget outlook brightens
taxIs It Time to Kill the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction?
taxBusiness owners may still have some tax work
taxStart rebuilding state rainy day fund
taxKentucky in middle of pack for business taxes
taxWhich states tax business growth most?
taxMissouri lawmaker calls for cigarette tax increase

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