Tax News 2011 April

taxChina dumps proposed income tax cuts
taxNorth Dakota Taxpayers to Get Record Income, Property Tax Breaks
taxScott's effort to end corporate income tax may be dead
taxCalifornians Favor Higher Income Tax On Wealthy
taxMassachusetts man charged with tax evasion
taxObama seeks end to oil industry tax breaks
taxPlan to Curb Oil Firms’ Tax Breaks Is Ludicrous
taxChina’s B Shares Tumble to Five-Month Low on Capital Gains Tax Speculation
taxGlencore poised for tax bill surge
taxExemption for oil wells costing ND $30M a year
taxWhy Low Income Families Face High Tax Rates
taxMost States Seen Raising Jobless Tax on Businesses
taxSnyder's tax plan for Michigan clears first hurdle
taxObama's Victimhood Rests on False Claims About Bush Tax Cuts
taxNet Worth: How rich companies avoid federal taxes
taxDrillers avoid corporate tax
taxBill would close De. Loophole, lower corporate tax rate
taxIs the corporate tax going away?
taxDebate on corporate tax overhaul in US remains in the dark
taxUtah governor joins corporate tax holiday push
taxRally urges state to close corporate tax loopholes
taxTax Reform May Mean Higher Payments for Businesses
taxCalling for Tax Advice the Inexpensive Way
taxPlan early to save on taxes and lots more
tax3402(t) Is Looming on the Horizon
taxSEC looks into Amazon's sales-tax dispute with Texas
taxOnline sales tax could go national
taxHouse bill would close Internet tax loophole
taxChafee willing to reconsider tax on manufacturing equipment
taxDeal inks extended sales tax break for Delta
taxSales Tax Hike Sent For State Approval
taxHere's a Tax Guide for Nuts
taxEast Windsor Council Passes Budget, Raising Taxes
taxSchool districts best able to afford taxes face biggest cuts in Kasich's budget
taxTax cap referendums defeated in all five Burlington County towns
taxThomas D. Boylan
taxOregon House drops symbolism of kicker checks to help employees with withholding tax entitlements
taxTelatron owners to lose buildings
taxTax refund
taxMichigan tax amnesty program
taxRoth IRA Conversions
taxThe Hidden Tax: Regulation
taxNothing Fair about Fair Tax Acts
taxCigarette tax increase proposed by Alabama state
taxNixon Signs Legislation Phasing Out Franchise Tax
taxIowans for Tax Relief loses leader
taxWhite House: Repeal Tax Breaks for Oil Companies
taxThe Conservative Case For a Higher Gas Tax
taxLawsuit aims to block Oak Park tax increase
taxMadison moves step closer to tax referendum
taxIn California, a more rational approach to budget gap emerges
taxPanel OKs tax credit for disabled in private schools
taxAnti-tax groups sues to have Oak Park tax increase tossed out
taxLegislature Won't Eliminate Corporate Income Tax
taxTrusts tax loophole facing budget crackdown
taxPa. energy firms paid less in taxes than they said they did
taxAgriculture income a provincial subject, Shaikh repeats
taxMaking the case for progressive taxation
taxRepeal the estate tax

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