Tax News 2011 April

taxHave your say on HST by voting
taxSales tax performance ticking up in Elmhurst
taxLawmaker Seeks Cut In County's Sales Tax On Gas
taxQuinn: Approve Borrowing or Lose Local Tax Revenue
taxSignificant Developments & Audit Trends in State Taxation
taxNew tax credit to help grow local jobs
taxWhat Will the Two Percent Property Tax Cap Do For Local Municipalities?
taxJohn Swett educators hopeful about Tuesday's tax election
taxState legislators favor tax reform to help property owners
taxOcean City approves $69 million budget
taxAccountant looks for breather after taxing times
taxThink like the rich for tax savings
taxTax breaks for families
taxPlan to tax pensions, eliminate Michigan Business Tax not perfect
taxFBAR! The Foreign Account Penalty
taxWho’s not paying taxes?
taxGov't Must Reimburse Firms' And Retirees' Withheld Tax
tax10 Tax Tips for a Better Tax Season Next Year
taxDistricts diverting road works cash to clear URA taxes
taxTax due diligence key to African moves
taxLawrence: Mayor asks state to pay up
taxTo Tax Is to Destroy
taxMarginal vs. Average Tax Rates
taxPhoenix residents might pay less property tax
taxAs Gas Prices Rise, Oil Company Tax Breaks Debated
taxTowards a Fairer, Simpler Tax System
taxRepublicans' Hidden $34 Trillion Tax On Seniors
taxTrump Delays Tax Return Release
taxCurb Missouri’s habit of handing out tax credits
taxNew Jersey School Budgets Pass in 80% of Districts
taxOil Company Tax Breaks Debated
taxN.J. agrees to give developer up to $200M in tax breaks in deal to finish troubled Xanadu
taxWhy Tax Breaks For Big Oil Make No Fiscal, Moral Or Political Sense
taxGeithner Says Tax System Must Be Overhauled to Curb Debt, Spur Growth
taxCity, county funds could be cut short
taxInvest unexpected tax refund wisely
taxRussell continues 30-year tax battle
taxSteve Forbes takes on the tax code and the Fed
taxThe Power to Tax Destroys Freedom, Prosperity and Market Efficiency
taxOhio No. 3 in business-tax ranking for new investment
taxMichigan House passes business tax cut, levy on pensions
taxVoters win with business tax
taxHealthSouth 1Q profit doubles on tax benefits
taxDelinquent tax committee back in business
taxMissouri Senate advances cargo hub incentives
taxPunishing patriotism
taxEarl Jones fraud victims can get tax back
taxIowans for Discounted Taxes calls for action on income tax cut
taxUrges continuation of earned income tax credit
taxIncome tax is the just the start of our total bill
taxDelaware personal income taxes due on Monday
taxOgden: Business income tax amendment could move
taxGroup admits errors in energy tax report
taxConnecticut IRS e-filers break the 1.26 million mark
taxSeniors and low-income families suffer tax hit
taxUnderstanding Gas fees can be taxing
taxSenior tax credits slashed for Aerotropolis
taxDoes U.S. Have a Revenue Problem or Spending Problem?
taxDon't weaken Earned Income Tax Credit
taxStagflation - It’s Back

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